Best Katana Under 500-Reviews And Buyers Guide

Best Katana Under 500

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Best katana under 500 is not that easy to find today as you will discover the search for katanas can be a huge minefield.

For sure their millions if not hundreds of katanas in today various market platforms and thus making decisions on which katana to choose from is not that easy.

Historically katana said to be quality Japanese traditional swords and they were commonly used by the samurai that were the inhabitants of feudal and accent japan.

Katanas are commonly characterized by a slightly curved handle that makes it very easy for you to offer either self-defense, survival or generally other outdoor activities such as bush crafting or hunting.

Best Katanas Under 500

The main reason why we came up with this post is to help individuals who are interested in purchasing katana under 500    to being the position of selecting the most efficient knife with great ease. A total of 56  hours were  spent   when  trying our  best to come up with  a complete  buyers  guide of   top ten katana under 500   which you  can easily  purchase in one of the  best katana  online market  platforms so of the   tips   which allowed  us  to  pick the  blow  named   product  include  consulting the  manufacture and  individually testing the various   katana   swords. Keep reading as later on in this guide we will provide you with professional katanas swords buyers guide.

Best Katana Under 500 Reviews

  1. Japanese Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Katana-bushido wind dragon

Best Katana Under 500Japanese Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Katana was the knife that was found too high performing as to when compared with other best katana under 500 which are readily available for you to purchase today .the  overalls length is only   40.5 inches and thus making this katana to be 100% perfect for heavy and light duty tasks.

The blade of this comes with a perfect design of Full tang hence it is laws in a better position of preventing you from sharpening this katana under 500 every time. Hattori Hanzo Katana has not only a Wooden handle but is also expertly wrapped with quality ray skin and a 100%  black cotton quality cord not forgetting the availability of a Dragon menuki.

You will be shocked  to  realize that  there are hundreds  of katana  under 500 manufactures  and thus  selecting over the millions of katana  on the market to choose an  original katana have turned  out to be almost  impossible  and  that is   why this Hattori Hanzo Katana    has  professional Etching Signature from  Sonny Chiba  types of  professional Authentication Papers thus  they have allowed  this  handle  to  be very outstanding.


  • Has a 5-inch handle
  • 1095 steel hence the sharpening process is relatively easy to carry out
  • Handmade Quality katana all over the word
  • Full tang blade design


  • The overall weight is should be reduced
  1. Handmade Samurai Katana

Best Katana Under 500Handmade Samurai Katana was the katana sword which was found to be of high quality and a relatively high performer. This katana comes from relatively. The handle design is the other important feature of this katana that you should always be familiar with.

This sword is one of the most praised Best katana under 500 by so many individuals especially the despite being associated with high perming blade and the handle of this katana. 40 inches happens to be the overall length of this katana will allows you to feel relatively comfortable either when working of light activities.

Finally, gold embellishments present have given this sword a real taste. If you are katana fun you will also note the quality Musha engraving which is found on the Seppa of this katana.


  • Superb sharp edge
  • heavy-duty blade
  • extra strong steel blade
  • Excellent value for money


  • Relatively expensive
  1. Walking Dead Michonne Samurai

Best Katana Under 500Walking Dead Michonne Samurai is the other Best katana under 500  that we are going to be focusing on today.   Just as you can view on the image below this Walking Dead Michonne Samurai was carted with user intentions in mind. Either you are looking for a fighting katana or a katana that you take it with you during some of your hunting trips well then you will be shocked with the high-performance ability of this Dead Michonne Samurai as the blade is made from Manganese Steel Blade.

Talk of quality katana as you will be realized that this Full Tang and lastly what is more promising is the quality Sharp Edge which is both Functional and more compact. You will be shocked how the   Delicate Wooden Handle present can be high performing.

Finally, if you are keen enough you will note the Leather-Wrapped Wood Saya and that is the reason why you will find it very comfortable the material of this katana have made it be a quality knife that can be used for both sporting practices and activities.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Durable leather sheath
  • lightweight nature
  • the quality  of this  knife  is Excellent for your  money


  • 2 pounds overall weight
  1. Samurai Katana Battle Ready Sword

Best Katana Under 500Well at our number three we deiced to provide something that you cannot regret working with. Both the handle and the blade was designed in a very cool way that will always ensure that it has a better ability to maintain the quality cutting edge for the longest time possible.   Sharpening this katana is also very easy and that is why we thought including it on our list will do you a great favor.

The blade of this katana slightly takes up folded handle design and thus when working with this knife you will always feel comfortable. The handle of this katana is made from quality material s it allows both small and large hands to work efficiently with this katana. Black ring-carved

To ensure that your hands will remain free from blisters we thought that you will love the black cotton cord with which is professionally intergraded with Menuki. Going through the feature we described above you might end up thinking that samurai is a very long sword but you will be shocked to realize that it only has an overall lent of 41 inches while the handle and the blade have a length of 28.3″  and 10.6″  respectively.


  • 3″ blade thus very easy to work  with
  • Fantastic handmade knife
  • Quality blade material
  • Solid construction
  • Exceptional quality


  • More quality warranty should be employed
  • The  design of the handle can be  improved
  1. 1095 High Carbon Steel Nagimaki Katana

Best Katana Under 500Finally, at our number two, we have this katana knife that comes from cold steel knife and this reasons alone this katana is backed up by a quality warrant that guarantees your ability to get your money back in case the katana blade will misbehave before the warrant is over.

Purchasing a blade from cold steel is also an added advantage as you will enjoy other services such a life sharp knife programme which its main aim is maintaining your blade in a very stable state. 1095 high carbon steel is the overall material which   was used by the experts who invented this katana

1095 High Carbon type of Steel is the main material which was employed in order to come up with this Nagimaki Katana. Another desirable thing about this katana is that it is associated with a   handmade.  The handle is also professionally handed polished and thus it cannot slip away from your hand.


  • Heavy-duty blade
  • Cutting performance is relatively high
  • Sharpening this blade is very easy
  • The beautiful handle which is 100% comfortable to hold even if you have sweaty hands


  • In a wet climate or environment, this katana can rust although not that easy
  1. Real Handmade  Japanese Katana Sword

Best Katana Under 500Real Handmade Carbon Steel Japanese Katana Sword is the fifth katana blade that we will be looking at on our list of best katana under 500. By being handmade this katana thus perfect for performing tasks that are both light and heavy duty. After the research, we conducted we realized that this Japanese handmade katana sword has a blade which is hand forge.

This katana is more loving as is designed with a super quality golden and at the same time dragon alloy tsuba. The nature of this handle is 100% made from hardwood handle and thus you will always have firm grip regardless of whether your hands are sweaty or even if you are purchasing the katana to use it in regions with wet climates.

The wooden handle is not only easy to work with but is also wrapped tightly over imitation types of ray skin which come with a  quality black cotton easy to use the cord.  The blade of this katana is only 71cm while the total length of this katana is just 103cm. The blade is professionally secure inside a stylish sheath and thus turning it be among the best-rated katana blades on the market today. The overall raw material which was employed by this katana designers is not only a 60hrc high manganese steel which gives this katana the ability to maintain a sharp edge for the longest time possible.


  • Quality wooden handle
  • Gold dragon quality alloy tsuba is also present
  • Two mekugis secures the handle
  • Maintains the sharp edge for  a longer time


  • Relatively expensive
  1. Hand Made Clay Tempered 1095 Katana Sword

Best Katana Under 500Hand Made Clay Tempered 1095 Katana Sword is our six best katana under 500 that you can easily purchase in today’s market platforms. The handle of this katana apart from being sharp it is also relatively easy to handle. What is more shocking is that this model of katana sword has a is 100% Assembled with saya.

After purchasing this sword you will also receive a  small gift of a stylish sword bag the only thing you will have to worry about is the color of the sword bag as it o  sent differently. Finally, you will fall in love with the easy to sharpen the blade.

In case you are that extraordinary swords enthusiast you can even request a special sword customization. This service alone allows you too fully certify you blade katana swords desires. The Customization service option provided allows you to order katana with both custom blade and handle or even both.


  • Long-lasting razor-sharp edge
  • Ergonomic ant-slip handle
  • Re-sharpening this katana is very easy
  • Impact of a baton can be taken by the handle of this katana


  • Display stand should be  included

Best Katana Under 500 Buyers Guide

There are hundreds of tips or features that you can consider when you are out there in flooded katana marketplace in our katana buyer’s guide we have included some of the most common or in other words t feature that is widely recommended by Japanese katana experts.  Enjoy your stay here at the only website all over the internet which is widely known for providing reader quality and well-researched information on the basis of product performance and durability.

Blade Material

Well, when it comes to katana blade material you should make sure that you will only pick katana which is molded from a high-quality carbon steel. The most recommended steel is 1060 carbon high steel.

The reason why this material is highly recommended it that it can allow you to come up with tamahagane and labor intensive such blade is not only easy to sharpen but is also able to maintain a sharp edge for the relatively long duration of time.


Due to the quality and the heavy-duty nature of the katana sword, it is expected that they should come with quality handles that are capable of supporting the blade. For instance, the handle s should be molded from a quality material that will 100% allows you to enjoy an anti-slip grip regardless of the environment where you are working with the katana sword. The handles should also come with a professional design that will allow it to fit in both small and large hands.


Choosing   quality   katana under 500   can be   a hard   task but if you have gone through  our   post  we are 100%   certain that you have  found  a  quality  katana that you  can purchase   under  500  and still enjoy the  service that  you could have    enjoyed  katanas that cost way  more  than $2000  on different marketplaces

Finally if by any chance is this post was helpful we are requesting you to humbly consider hit in our share button to keep our editorial team motivated. On the other hand, if you have a friendlier  family member who is passionate about   katana  sword  this post will be of  a great  help to them  as  apart from allowing  them to save  some few bucks we have also provide quality  katanas  that  they can see  for the longest time possible  without  complaining   about  performance or  even durability


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