Alabama Knife Laws-update 2021

Alabama which is a state in the United States is denoted as (AL). Due to the high population, Alabama is an associated with knife based crime. The increased number of knife related led to the introduction of Alabama knife laws. Alabama is located new the Gulf of Mexico and extends to the borders of Tennessee and Georgia.

To the baled of Mexican and Georgia climate, Alabama is therefore known to be a huge recreation all over the united states of America thus activities such as cycling, fishing, and  even backpacking will be found all over thus wonderful.

Knife Laws In Alabama

Of all the recreation activities in Alabama, you will require a knife.  While in the state of Alabama knife laws are relatively easy to explain. All over America, there are knife laws that. Knife laws in the 50 states of America can be grouped as either general or state laws.

The category of general knife laws deals with either the process of knife importing various grand so knives from overseas to the United States. The second set of knife laws that are referred to the general is the act of transporting knives from one state  to the other and the last group of general knife laws include.

After looking at or going through the knife laws of all the states our editors have confirmed that Alabama is one of the states that have very lenient laws that are hard for an average American to interpret. The reason for this article is to breakdown the compact ALABAMA KNIFE LAWS into very easy to understand phrases

What Does Alabama Knife Laws Say

Despite knife ownership being not that deep according to ALABAMA KNIFE LAWs. Every now knife owner should be interceded in formalizing himself with which knife brands to own. That is why here in this article we have provided with two knives that you should consider wowing while in Alabama’s as you will not have to a break either state or federal rules.

we thought that you should also know that there are some  knives  brand that will be  legal in  Alabama  and  turn out  to be fully illegal in  other  states, therefore, consider  being  familiar with most of the laws in different  states  to ensure even when you are moving from  one state  to another  you will  not land  to any problem.

While in this amazing state of Alabama you can comfortably carry any knife as long as you have no intention of committing any crime. According to the Alabama knife laws owing or selling knives such as switchblades, pocket knives, gravity knives and other models of l folding and lock blades to be completely legal. We began our article with what is legal and now lest look at what Alabama knife law restricts.

According to the  Alabama  knife laws  found  on  Section  13A-  from 11 to 57 bowie  knife being handled  by a minor  is  said  to be completely illegal and therefore  owing or  sell or  helping a minor  to transport a bowie  will lead you  to be  termed as a laws  breaker and you can face a jail time  or an equivalent  fine of from 500$  down to 50$ being the minimum fine.

Alabama Knife Length Limit

Another positive side about Alabama knife laws is that that knife lovers are given the freedom to own ant knife length. This ensures that you can win any knife from the smallest to the largest. But having in that bowies are slightly illegal to handle, sell or even transports in Alabama there is standard bowies blade length that falls between 3 and four we have stated earlier  above owning a bowies can result to you being arrested but is you present yourself in a court of and argue that the bowie knife was for self-protection you can be set free without the case you will fail to meet the  $500 dollars s fine then you can easily be imprisoned for not less than 6 months in jail or in county jail. The judge can also decide to place you o hard labor which is equivalent to breaking the simple and easy to understand.

Alabama Concealed Carry Knife laws

While in Alabama you can conceal a carry any knife part from the Bowie all the way from switchblades, butterfly knives, balisong knives to gravity knives you can enjoy concealing carry them. You can also conceal carry knives such single or double edged blades without having to break the Alabama state knife laws

Form what we have learned from the Alabama knife laws is that Bowie are complete restricted or are simply illegal there conceal a carrying them will attract a fine which can be more that $50 but less than $500. Carrying Bowie in the concealed state can also attract jail time which is not less than six full months accompanied by heavy labor.

Best Legal Knives In Alabama

  1. Balisong

Well balisong is knifes that can be used for competition or as a pocket knife for self-defense. Fan knife is the other name for balisong. They are said to have originated from the Philippine. What makes them be relatively different from other knives is that they take up a counter rotating overall handle model.

Wolf SML butterfly knife trainer 

Wolf SML butterfly knife trainer was the balisong knife that we found to be the most outstanding Balisong knife trainer id manufactured from quality steel that presses vent it from breaking takes up handle design which is relatively skeletonized thus guarantees you a non-slip grip design.

A quality blade sheath was also included to allow you to be in the position of moving this knife more easily. The bald of this Wolf SML butterfly knife trainer is blunt thus you will learning the flipping skills without injuring your hands. Lastly, the folding nature of this blade allows you to either store Transport the knife more easily the curved blade design have also contributed to making this to be among the most outstanding training knife model.

  • Dull metal blade
  • Blunt blade
  • easy maneuverability
  • Assisted opening
  • curved handle design
  • price is relatively high

 2.Assisted opening

Serrated James Brand Pocket Knife

The second group of legal knives includes the assisted opening, Switchblades, automatic and gravity knives.Assisted opening is the largest model of knives in this group.

Assisted opening is folding knife that employs technology based opening mechanism hence making a theme to be high order for them to function  according to a thumb or flipper must be used for them to operate theme accordingly.

  • Light weigh
  • Razor sharp edge
  • Comes with carrying
  • Quality handle
  • Price is an issue

Wrap up

Alabama states less a vague as compared the municipal knife laws. Municipal laws restrict blade lengths and concluded carry options. All in all according to knife laws are among the friendliest knives laws all over the United States.


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