Are butterfly knives illegal in Illinois-Elite Review And Buyers Guide

Are butterfly knives illegal in Illinois? Well before provide you a perfect answer to this answer without  that   we could  make it  clear  for  you   where Illinois  is located on the  world  map. Locating your position can be   very challenging task. 50 best butterfly knives reviewed

Let’s get started. Illinois is seen as a lovely Midwestern state which borders Indiana closely in the very extremely east while it borders Mississippi River on the west. Well, that was just but a quick reminder of where Illinois is located.

Legality of butterfly blades in Illinois? they are completely legal. To support this idea you should note that civilian or citizen in Illinois State can legally own all blades apart from ballistic, switchblade or throwing star. Balisong and butterfly knives are completely legal to own while in   Illinois.


Illinois states that have relatively increased number of laws that govern the knife wielder in ascertaining whether or not it is legal for them to be in possession of a said knife. However, that isn’t the only means by which they label a knife as legal or illegal. While Illinois there are various knives which are referred to as being completely illegal such knives include ballistic, automatic and throwing knives.

Illinois knife laws clearly state that you cannot manage to own use or even manufacture this type of knife. So if by any case you are having an idea of having a switchblade or ballistic knives outlets then you are making the wrong decision as you will find yourself in jail.

Illinois knife laws

This law which can be found in Section. 24-1 of the (720 ILCS 5/24-1) clearly state that unless use of weapons while in Illinois state include when a person commits a crime using illegal weapons unknowingly. Selling or possession manufacturing or purchasing illegal weapons.

Carrying any weapons which are either illegal or legal with an intention of committing a crime is considered to be reaching the existing laws in Illinois you might face an imprisonment or fine which I amount to about $4000.

Illinois knife laws greatly resist two main model of knives especially the one that is regarded to be dangerous or can cause huge damage to both the public and another civilian.  Any knife which is the other purchased owned or manufactured with the main intention being to cause harm to individuals they are said to be highly restricted to highly restricted.

Restricted Knives in Illinois

Referring to the article found in  720 ILCS, 5/21-6 we found out that some knives such as dirk, dagger,  stiletto, switchblade knife, hatchet, and axes together with blades that a exceed the recommend length of three inches are referred to be illegal to own or use while in Illinois. On the other hand knives such as automatic, ballistic and throwing blades can also be restricted if or when manufactured with the primary intention being to harm individuals.

Going back to our main topic of whether butterfly knives are illegal it is recommended that brutal knife should be left at home and should not be carried in passenger or driver seat.  You should also void having butterfly blade in public places or laces with social gatherings such as schools, Public housing or even court courthouses.

What Knife Is Completely Legal In Illinois

Balisong/butterfly knife is legal to own while in Illinois’. Balisong/butterfly    have  two  handles  and one  blade  they  function as  self-defense  or  mode of  entertainment tools  as  you can   easily  learn blade of  knife  flipping using these blades

The second group of knives which are completely legal to in Illinois’ include belt, lipstick, and cane knives. Their small size has turned them to be perfect self-defense tools s they can be carried easily.

Apart from seeing knives are the mode of self-defense they can also be used as means of entertainment whereby throwing knives can be used in sports. Throwing knives are therefore legal.

The last group or model of knives which are completely legal to own include the bowie knives. Bowie reclassified as large knives you can use them for hunting, camping or even as a very effective bush cutting tool. Their large size according to our large blade experts have made them be completely legal to own,

What Knife Is Completely Illegal In Illinois

Ballistic knives are one of the huge group of knife that for decades have remained to be illegal in most of the states all over the United States of America. To make sure that you are familiar with ballistic knives we have chosen to four best   ballistic knives   which you can decide to buy at your own risk

Switchblades and other blades which are said to be automatic are also illegal in Illinois. Automatic knives are considered to be dangerous weapons as they are easy to deploy as they are gravity or hand operated.

Best legal Butterfly Knives  in Illinois

Conclusion on

In Illinois Butterfly blades are legal.   But you should avoid carrying the butterfly knives on both driver or even passenger seats as you should not carry the butterfly knives to schools or social gathering such as churches, hospital or in courthouse. Lastly, we recommend that since our editors are not lawyers consider contacting your attorney if you found out information to be insufficient.

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