7 Best Bowie Knife Under 100 In 2021 Reviewed

Best Bowie Knife Under 100 have been around since the later 19th century. If you are knife lover you will agree with me that talking of a knife which is dated 19th century means that we are talking about a gem. When picking a quality bowie knife you should be familiar with some tips that you should have in mind so that you can pick the right and the most efficient bowie knife.

Best Bowie Knife Under $100
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Despite having a long overall length the length of their blades rages between 24 to five inches. Continue reading this   post as we have   provided you with best Bowie Knife under 100 buyers guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Bowie Knife Under $100 In 2021 Reviewed

1. Cold Steel Trail Master Bowie cold steel 39lswb marauder knife-Best Beginner  Bowie Knife Under $100

Well, are you planning a trip to your favorite hunting grounds or just want quality Bowie Knife Under 100  that will help you in solving most of your outdoor activities well then if that is your biggest worry this   Cold Steel Trail Master Bowie should be the knife that you have been looking.

Best Bowie Knife Under $100
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One of the major reasons why we included this bowie on this list is that it is associated with a Handle with a total length of 5 inches Long. The overall handle materials are Kraton and thus you will always enjoy a quality and 100% ant-slip grip.

Even if you are working on regions that have a wet climate or you have sweaty hands. VG-1 San MAI III was the material that was used to make the blade of this Cold Steel Trail Master Bowie

  • Quality blade
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% durable and also easy to sharpen.
  • Sharpening this knife is easy
  • Associated with a sharp edge
  • The handle is both slippery and super smooth.

2.Muela Magnum Bowie-Best Tactical Bowie Knife Under $100

Muela Magnum Bowie is a quality knife that is manufactured by Muela Magnum. The blade of this Muela Magnum Bowie is a blade to maintain sharp grip for the longest time without ever having the desire of ever sharpening the knife.

Muela Magnum Bowie also has quality blood grove on its blade. The main role of blood groove on the blade of this bowie is to professionally work on the overall weight of the bowie knife.  440 chrome-vanadium which is reinforced with molybdenum is the primary material which was used to manufacture this blade.

After conduction some    research on the importance of blood grove we realized that it allows this Muela Magnum Bowie to be a relatively high performer as to when compared with other pocket knives

  • Fixed blade fighting knife
  • As a bonus, this knife has a sheath
  • Sharpening is very easy
  • Due to the quality blade, it is a perfect alternative to M9 bayonets
  • The blade does not rust easily as it is made from 440 chrome-vanadium
  • Not razor sharp
  • overall weight 2.2 pounds

3.SOG Tech Bowie-Best Fixed Blade Bowie Knife Under $100

Best Bowie Knife Under 100

SOG Tech Bowie is our next quality Best Bowie Knife under 100 that we will be talking about today. Sod G Tech Bowie is quality knife t that comes from SOG   knife manufacturing company and this comes with a limited warranty.

SOG Tech Bowie is associated with a Straightedge and durable fixed 6.4-inches blade which is made from AUS-8 steel. SOG Tech Bowie also has quality hard-cased coating which is black in color and its main role is to make the blade of this SOG Tech Bowie to be a long-lasting blade.

The other most interesting thing about this bowie knife is that the handle is made from a nylon which is glass-reinforced and finally you will always enjoy firm grip due to the availability of a rubber Kraton handle.

  • Lightweight
  • Kraton handle offer s 100% ant-slip grip
  • The handle of this knife can be used as a glass breaker
  • Availability of a drainage hole ensures that  there is  no rotting or soaking up
  • customer service is not poor  but   it should be improved

4.Ontario bowie Knife-Best Bowie Knife For Under 100

Best Bowie Knife Under 100

Ending this knife without including one or two bowie knives from Ontario will be doing Ontario bowie Knife lovers a great disfavor. Ontario is one of the well-known knives manufactures in the globe that has never failed to surprise knife lover with both quality and budget based knife products.

Here today were are going to have a look at this Ontario bowie Knife which comes with a super quality blade which was professionally molded from 1095 steel and thus making it b to be in the position of maintaining a sharp edge for the longest time possible.

Despite being associated with full tang blade design 1095 Cro-Van steel happens to be the primary blade material that was used up.  You will also be shocked to release that this knife comes with a  blade which is not only but it is professionally coated by train black thus keeping it away from rust or even collusion.

  • Serrated edge blade
  • Blade and handles remade from high-quality material
  • 09-Inch is the Knife Closed
  • the grip fits small and large hands
  • overall weight is only 5 pounds

5.Ka-Bar Becker Bowie 

Best Bowie Knife Under 100

Ka-Bar Becker Bowie is the last model of Best Bowie Knife under 100 that we will be looking at today. Ka-Bar Becker Bowie come s from Ka-Bar which by default hopped to be a knife company that has perfected the art of knife making for decades now.

If you are  a great  knife lover looking for  a bowie  knife that   you can use to perform a task such  as bush crafting oven self-defense  roles this Ka-Bar Becker Bowie  is then  the  bowie  knife which you have   been hunting for  decades

The  overall nature of this blade is very attractive as it is made with stainless material, as if the stainless steel and  the  quality blade that have batter ability of  maintaining  sharp edge  not enough    Ka-Bar Becker Bowie   comes  with a quality Leather Sheath  that  allows you to easily  carry this knife from one place  to another with  great ease.

  • Leather Sheath
  • Quality a blade that is easy to sharpen
  • Lightweight nature
  • High performing knife with a lifetime warranty
  • Weighs 1 ounces


In this guide, we did our best to compile a list of 5 best Bowie Knife Under 100 that you can easily purchase without breaking your bank balance.in this article, we have also looked at  the   history  of  Bowie  knives and  some of the various factors  that   you should  always have in mind  before proceeding  to any market  platform to check out Bowie Knife Under 100

After going through our posts we are confident enough that you have already spotted a quality product that you can fully depend on to cater for activities that range from hunting, hiking, skinning small animal self and home defense task. Bowie knives area fighting knives that are relatively large their overall length ranges between 30 to 12 inches.

I hope that after leading through the list of above five Bowie that was found to be best bowie knives under 100 you found a knife that you can fully depend on. Among the five bowies outlined above this Ka-Bar Becker Bowie was found to be the most outstanding bowie knife and that is why our editor referred it to as the editors pick. If you are in a hurry you can choose to check it out here. Happy shopping in advance


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