7 Best Bowie Knife Under 50 In 2021 Reviewed

Best bowie knife under 50 getting such a blade can be relatively hard to as today more manufacturers and retailers are gradually flooding the market today and thus getting a  quality or durable bowie knife will require you to be more informed about the over the structure of the blade or even the handle designs.Best Bowie Knife Under $50

To make your work easier our editors took about 46 hours to scan the web and different online knife selling platforms to provide you with five bowie knife under 50  that you can depend on.Well if you are planning your camping trip or just planning a vacation with your family having a quality bowie knife will all you to be in a better position being able to cater for various outdoor activities such a hunting, fishing or even skinning small game animals. Bowie knives are professionally made and thus they are well designed to ensure that you will carry out almost all of the activities you intend to perform without the blade of this knife folding.

Reviews: 7 Best Bowie Knife Under $50 In 2021 Reviewed

1.Timber Rattler Bowie Knife-Best Beginner  Bowie Knife Under $50

Happens to be the bowie knife that was found to be the best Bowie Knife under 50. The above knife is a product that comes from    Outlaw Bowie. The handle of this knife is the other interesting thing which you should be familiar with.

The handle is made from quality material that allows you to feel very comfortable when working either. Brilliant and a quality brass-plated guard ensures that your hand will remain safe from hash conditions which might end causing minor injuries to your hand.

A quality hand which was molded from hardwood ensure that you are in a better position of being able to work with the above-named bowie knife from the longest duration of time. The blade is made from a quality material that is able to maintain an overall sharp edge for the longest time possible.

  • Guard is plated with a Brilliant brass
  • Construction option of the blade is full tang
  • Associated with a classic and a quality  wooden handle
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Construction material is 100% Durable
  • Slightly expensive

2.Custom Handmade Bowie Knife-Best Beginner  Bowie Knife Under $50

Nothing is more pleasing than having a knife which is Custom and 100%  Handmade as it tends to be more durable and can also perform heavy duty tasks. The handle of this knife is molded from quality wood that allows s you to enjoy a quality and anti-slip grip regardless of the prevailing climatic condition.

Having a knife which is handmade allows you to save up some money that you could have used d to purchase other knives. The superior high carbon steel this steel allows you to be in a better potion of being able to maintain the knife from rusts.

The weight of the blade and that of the blade is well balanced and thus it allows you to be in the position of anyone working with the knife all the way from kids to profession bowie knife lovers. Moving this bowie knife is also very easy it comes with a professional ` Handmade Leather sheath and it keeps your hands 100 fully protected

  • Sharpening the blade is   very easy
  • Associated with a quality blade
  • High quality and a Superior carbon steel
  • Retains sharpness for the longest time.
  • Weighs more  and  the  weights  should be slightly modified

3.Perkin Price Cut-Best Bowie Knife Under $50

Perkin Price Cut is the other bowie knife that we will be looking reviewing today. The handle of this pocket bowie knife is handcrafted and thus. Perkin Price Cut is the ultimate solution that you have been looking for in bowie knife under 100.

Just as if the quality of the knife’s handle is not enough Perkin Price Cut is backed up by a lifetime warranty and thus you have all the permission to try performing any type of activity with this Perkin Price Cut. The designs of the handle ensure that you will always enjoy a stable grip.

Apart from the unique design you will be shocked to note that both the handle and the blade are modified from a quality stainless material that will enable you to enjoy smooth cut laws. The material is more durable hence you can use this knife as skinning or even hunting knife without getting worried about the overall performance of this blade.

  • Easy to use
  • Construction is done from  Durable material
  • carbon steel is of Superior high
  • even after frequent usage Retains sharpness
  • Ideal for any task or  time
  • Weighs 14.1 ounces

4.Tops Bowie Fixed Blade Knife-Best Fixed Blade  Bowie Knife Under $50

Tops Bowie Fixed Blade Knife is the other quality bowie knife we are going to be looking at on this list of best bowie knife under 50.  By this knife coming from tops knives, you will be shocked by how high performing this knife can be.

All the way from the handle quality to the quality and highly durable material used have turned this blade into a product that you can fully depend on. If you are careful enough you will note that unlike other knives made from  China this tops knife is Proudly a quality bowie knife which is manufactured in the United States of   America.

095 high carbon steel happened to be the quality material that the designers of this top Bowie Fixed Blade Knife used. The 095 carbon steel apart from being more durable it allows this tops knife to be high performing as to when compared to other bowie knife made from other classes of steel.

  • Lightweight
  • Blade material was 095 high carbon steel
  • Comes with a full tang
  • Linen micrata handles
  • 3 pounds as the overall weight

5.Outer Ridge Hunting Bowie Knife-Best Tactical Bowie Knife Under $50

Outer Ridge Hunting Bowie Knife is the last knife that we managed to review on this list of bowie knife under 50. The overall handle design of this knife is very attractive thus it ensures that you will feel more comfortable

The overall handle material is curved in a way that it allows you to be in better postil of being able to handle various working environments. One of the most discouraging things about this Outer Ridge Hunting Bowie Knife. 86 An inch is the overall Handle Thickness and thus the knife will always feel stable on your hand.

The length of this Bowie knife handle is the other huge issue that you should consider working on. 11.25 Inches is the total blade length hence you can use it to perform duties such as bush crafting or even bush clearing. Lastly, the knife is backed by quality or a limited lifetime warranty that allows you to feel 100% comfortable as it is ant Islip.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to work with
  • 03mmBlade Thickness
  • Handle comes with a lightweight
  • Blade weight is the  only issue


Looking closely to the knife we have provided above you will note that all the model listed above either cost below 50 or slightly above fifty as we realized some of the bowie knife lovers might be on a  tight budget.

After going through our list above we hope that you have found a quality bowie knife that you can depend on. That is why we are humbly asking you to share this post on kinematics with your friends.  Happy shopping.


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