7 Best Bushcraft Knife Under 50 In 2021 Reviewed

Spending time in the wildness can be an ice idea only if we have the best bushcraft knife under 50 will make your life to be relatively easy.  in fact, having the right survival tool or  best bushcraft knife under 50 will allow  you  to even   you  stay in the  wilderness   well in this post .apart from  the  nice  experience and  moment we  enjoy by having a pocket

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Buying best bushcraft knife under 50 guarantee you an increased time of usage at time it prevent you from breaking your bank balance. Bushcraft knife should have or engineered from a quality material that will protect it from   breaking    due to the intensity of work that I normally required.  Due to availability various bushcraft knife under 50 it very difficult to pick the right one.

Best bushcraft knife under 50 comparison table

Due to this reason, we came up with this list or buyers guide so as to   ensure  you  are in better position of  being able  to procure a durable knife .

Rviews:10 Best Bushcraft Knife Under 50 In 2021 Reviewed

1.Spyderco Bushcraft

For decades now spyderco have gained popularity as it only produces quality knifes. Apart from their products being of high quality spyderco have a great   tendency of providing well wrapping on their product that ensure it is so high quality.

The knife comes with quality handle which make it easy for you to use this knife to perform bush crafting activity in both wet and hot climate conditions.

Spyderco have gained popularity by being used in both law enforcement and military base camps   and more by various EDC fans.

This knife comes with an increased   bale length of about 4 inches that allows you to handle various tasks more easily.  A quality thumb hole is also present thus it makes it easy for   you to enjoy a firm grip regardless of the prevailing weather condition.


  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Nice handle
  • quality materials
  • more durable


  • Increased blade size

2.Morakniv Companion

Morakniv Companion origin can be traced to originate from the Swedish soils. The main character of this knife is that it comes   light weight   and a quality handle that allows you to enjoy working with this knife.

For more than 10 decades this knife brand have been in the market .it is associated with fixed blade that comes which is expertly manufactured from a quality   and   durable material.

0.125 inches is the thickness of this blade thus it allows you to always enjoy clean cut when using this knife. The handle of this knife can only be described as ergonomic handle as it feel   great on your hands. Stainless steel was the main material that always efficiently used to come up with this perfect knife design.

the other main reason why  we included this knife  is that we  are confident that you cannot go  wrong   with  Morakniv Companion  as all the    product  come  with a lifetime  and  a  Limited manufacturer’s warranty. Lastly the 8.8 inches overall length of this knife makes it easy for you to enjoy working with   bushcraft knife


  • 8 inches long
  • ergonomic handle
  • fixed blade
  • high-friction grip
  • Sheath Included


  • Improvement can be made on its handles

3.Schrade SCHF9 12

Schrade is another top and best rated blade and knife producer all over the globe.it has well trained and well equipped personnel’s that are always in research to up the Schrade game day after day.

well, Schrade SCHF9 12 come with  quality   handle that  has  a grip that  is rough  thus making it easy for you to  work  with Schrade SCHF9 12 in  wet conditions.

1095 High Carbon is the main law material of this Schrade hence this knife can only be described as durable. The blade of this killer bushcraft knife   takes a full tang design thus it have played vital role in turning this knife  to be  very efficient,  a quality lanyard hole is  present of the  handle thus  knife is  very portable.

Ballistic belt sheath is also present thus this Schrade SCHF9 12 is very portable. 1095 High Carbon  being the blade  material   it allows  you to  efficient  handle  light duties and  heavy  duties  with great  easy


  • 1095 High Carbon
  • Full tang design
  • Lanyard hole
  • Ballistic belt sheath


  • Weight 9 pounds

4.Benchmade – Mini Griptilian

Have you ever   use any product from Benchmade? Well if not yet consider   giving this Mini Griptilian a try. Benchmade have   been in the knife market for decades now.

You cannot go wrong by using this Benchmade – Mini Griptilian. It has light weight and relatively reduced size that makes it to be a great knife   worth giving a try.  Benchmade   feel a great and strong on your hands as it have a quality and an anti-slip grip.

Having razor sharp blade places this knife to be   top rate best bushcraft knife under 50 that is worth giving try. Read Also: portable water purifiers

Lighter design knife design thus you should include it in your everyday carry list Benchmade limited and Lifetime Warranty ensure you get a full refund or just   perfect refund depending on the nature of this knife. Fully ambidextrous thus it is very comfortable to use or even to cater for various bushcarfting roles.


  • Reversible pocket clip
  • fully ambidextrous
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Relatively expensive

5.Tops Knives Bushcraft Knife

Tops is another quality Bushcraft Knife   that you should give it a try. This knife also comes with a quality .Canvas Micarta is s the handle material supports the efficiency of this knife.

having  hale of  Canvas Micarta ensure that  you can use  this knife in areas  that  have harsh  climate .both small and as  huge  hands individual can use this knife. Black Kydex quality sheath is also present which makes this Bushcraft Knife to be very efficient.

It has a compact design which ensure that you can handle both lightweight and heavy duty sites.

The blade of this  Bushcraft Knife  is  manufacture  from  quality and  hand  material  that has  increased ability of  maintaining  its shape Thumb Scallops  allows you handle various roles


  • Tan Canvas Micarta
  • Black Kydex shealth
  • easy to use
  • maintains   its  sharpens


  • none

6.Condor Tool & Knife

This is another prime   best bushcraft knife under 50 to have in our list. A wooden handle makes it easy for you to enjoy working with knife all the time.

1075 quality material or stainless steel makes it to be free from rust. The blade also have the   ability to maintain its sharp blade   for an increased duration of time .finger  coils ensure that you can enjoy a fine  grip when using this knife .

if you an are bushcraft enthusiast consider this knife as it has  a light weight and relatively  reduced blade which makes it more easier for you to work if  you are also out there and  you want a  bushcraft knife that a can be in better position of  having soft pads that are Replaceable the  pick this  Condor Tool & Knife


  • Soft pads are Replaceable
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Stainless thus rust free


  • blade has more weight

Best Bushcraft Knife Buyers Guide

#Fixed blade

It is recommend that when picking a bushcraft knife consider then ones that are associated with    having fixed blade. Fixed bald knives for decades are consider to be very superior as compared to their knives. Having a fixed blade knife mean is that there are no moving parts that might incontinence this knife. Due to the rude d work associated with bushcraft consider having a   fixed blade

#Full tang

Having full tang bushcraft blade will make the process of bush crafting to be very easy. Full tang blades makes it easy for to use and also they are relatively durable. The design that is use to engineer this knife is   talkatively durable and allows both   small hand and big hand individual to use this knife more easily

#Types of material

Well   the material that is used to process bushcraft knife also play a very large   role. Therefore knives should be crafted from quality and   relatively strong material as bush crafting makes it    easy for you  to be in an improve position of hurdling even the most demanding  bushcarfting  duties . the material  that used  to manufacture  the blade  should  also  be rust  resistant an waterproof  to increase  the  durability of the knife .

Wrap up

Finding the right and a best bushcraft knife under 50 needs you to spend more time and research. we  did all that work for  you  to come  up with the   blow  6   best bushcraft knife under 50  that you can  actually pick from the  market today .

If you’re are new   to bushcarfting or you are just planning to update or even upgrade you bushcraft knife collection while on budget give our list a try. We care about you and we would really appreciate to hear your feedback, suggestion or even any recommendation. If possible leave us a comment below and hit our share button. Happy shoppiNG


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