7 Best Butterfly Knife Brands In 2021 Reviewed

Are you best butterfly knife brands enthusiast and you are out there looking for prime butterfly knife. For more than a decade butterfly knife have dominated the flipping knife industry.

Therefore picking a quality knife brand tends to be a relatively challenging task. also, it is good to note that due to industrialization more butterfly knife manufacturers have flooded the knife industry getting a prime knife is relatively a challenging task.

Best Butterfly Knife

Thus we spent more than 150 hours trying to come up with this article that will act a guide which will help you to pick the most efficient knife that you can dream of getting in today’s market.

The main challengee that faces butterfly knives is that they come in wide range of prices and quality. Let’s get started by looking at factors you should consider before heading out to the market to purchase one of the knives.

Best Butterfly Knife Brands Buyers Guide


Before heading out to pick a butterfly knife you should consider your handle preferences. Consider picking a knife that has a handle that is comfortable working at any time of the year either during wet or dry moments. The handle should also guarantee you a firm and also and also anti-slip handle design.

Blade Material

Butterfly knives s should be crafted from a quality material that will play a vital role in preventing the blade from breaking or even folding during your flipping classes. When choosing butterfly knife consider picking model that has is free from rust as it will ensure that the blade is more durable and also relatively quality.


Well, when choosing a product in general not only knives but also other product will ensure that you will have a replacement or a full refund from the vendor or the processing company. Butterfly knives that come with a warranty guarantee you that the product is expertly crafted and also dependable.

Best Butterfly Knife Brands Reviews

1. Vortex Butterfly Knife -best butterfly knife trainer

Practice Butterfly Knife comes with none offensive blade that makes it very easy for you to use. The blade of this Vortex Practice is engineered form quality material that which ensures that it is free from rust.

404 stainless steel according to the research we carried out is the main material that was used to craft this knife.

Unsharpened blade makes this model be perfect practice knife that can be used by both professionals and experts, another major reason that made us rank this at out number on of best butterfly knife brands is that its handle and blade are well balanced thus makes it easy for you to use it with great ease.

• Folding knife
• Aluminum handle
• Pocket clip
• Stainless steel blade
• The handle can be improved

2. Dragon Butterfly knives-good butterfly knife brands

Just as the name suggests this knife is a dragon by itself. Being manufactured from quality and rust-free material this material normally is free from rust.

the handle of this dragon butterfly knife is normally anti-slip and also it is an engineer from a quality aluminum material that allows it to rust a and also collision-free.

Having an aluminum handle allows this knife to fee very strong on your hands. 304 stainless steel being the main material that is used to craft knife allows it to be more durable

This butterfly blade is also associated with a relatively quality and slippery handle that ensures that ensures you can work with the blade even in wet climate condition.

Available of the blade that is not sharp places you in an improved potion of being able to work with the knife more comfortably

• Polished handle
• 304 stainless steel
• Quality blade
• Easy to use and also more durable
• weight s 6.6 ounces

3. Butterfly Training Knife

At our number three, we have this training butterfly knife. It is associated with a quality handle that allows it to feel strong while on your hands.

The blade of this knife is unsharpened thus making it for you to learn the art of flipping more easily without struggling a lot. A quality steel is used to craft the blade of this knife thus it prevents it from breaking.

A quality skeletonized design is associated with the handle of this training butterfly knife thus ensuring you are in an improved position of using this knife more easily as it allows you to enjoy firm and an anti-slip grip.

Anti-impact is another future that allowed us it include this Butterfly Training Knife on our list

• Anti-impact
• The handle has a skeletonized design
• Light in weight
• Unsharpened blade
• relatively heavy

4. TAC Force butterfly knife-best butterfly knife under 100

This is another quality butterfly knife that is worth giving try. The only difference from the other model is that I come with a real and blade,

therefore, you should consider being familiar with how to use this knife to prevent minor injuries.it is characterized by a flossing design that ensures are in an improved potion of using it more efficiently.

Another vital reason why this knife made it our list is that the blade is manufactured from a quality aluminum. The handles also s feature a quality and skeletonized handle design that cat as a guarantee for quality and an anti-working grip.

• Stainless steel
• Pocket clip
• Aluminum handle
• Light in weight
• None

5. Arnaldo Butterfly Knife-best butterfly knife cs go

At our number five we have this and butterfly knife. It is mainly characterized a quality and very attractive handle design.

When purchasing this knife it comes s with quality screw drive that allows you to be in the better position of adjusting the various component of the knife thus making it easy for you to use the knife without many struggles.

440c stainless type of steel is the material that was efficiently used to engineer this knife. the handle of this knife is curved thus they allow you to use this knife with great ease and also it makes this and butterfly to be very efficient.

The curve handle design ensures that both small handed and wide handed individual can use the knife without experiencing some complications.

• Light in weight
• Easy to use
• Quality handle
• 440c stainless
• none

Wrap up

After spending days we managed to come up with the above list of top five best butterfly knife that is worth giving a try this time around.

if you are butterfly knife enthusiast looking for a quality and pocket-friendly butterfly knife that a will not break your back balance consider giving our list a try.

In case this article was helpful to consider hitting our share button and if possible leave us to comment in our comment section below. Happy shopping!


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