15 Best Butterfly Knife Trainer In 2021 Reviewed

With a good butterfly knife trainer, you can effectively learn how to flip knives without any huge distractions. For starters, butterfly knives are also referred to as butterfly blades or Barangays. In this post, I’ve reviewed the Best Butterfly Knife Trainer you can get in the market today.

Best Butterfly Knife Trainer
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Summary: I recommend this Balisong Butterfly Trainer or the Moon Boat Butterfly Knife as your Best Butterfly Knife Trainer. The 2 models will provide the right form of entertainment for outdoor game perform. I know this is particularly helpful for me as I spend less time watching football or playing computer games. Check the US knife laws (click on your state to view), which will allow you to legally consider your options. [table id=23 /]

Reviews: 15 Best Butterfly Knife Trainer In 2021 Reviewed 

Butterfly knife comes with a folding design of a pocket knife and it consists of two quality handles which effectively counter-rotates around the common the tang so s when the handles are closed, the only blade which can either be double-edged or single edge is fully concealed within the primary grooves of the two handles. It and be operated using two or just one hands depending on the butterfly flipping skills you have.

1. Balisong Butterfly Folding Knife Trainer – Our Top Pick

Well getting butterfly knife which comes as a set and not at an extra cost is not that easy task.  Using the knife for flipping tend to be a risky exercise but this lock three model of trainer knife has a blade which is unshaped thus it makes you practice knife which is very easy to use and operate.

Best Butterfly Knife Trainer
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With the absence of un-sharpened blade which might cause huge injuries, you will effectively practice learn how to flip a knife with 100% guarantee hand security.

When buying this knife it comes with a complete package of some of the flipping skills that you might be willing to learn. There according to our knife experts the manufactures of this s knife had user considerations in mind when crafting it.

A quality handle ensures that you are in the position of enjoying quality a grip which will prevent the knife from slipping from your hands. For maximum comfort the handle is skeletonized. another factor that we thought you would like about this knife is the compact design which allows it to hold tightly on your warrant just as your credit card does.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Handle is skeletonized
  • compact handle
  • Pricy

2. Moon Boat Butterfly Knife – Runner-Up

Well just as the name suggests this knife comes with a metal handle which allows you to enjoy firm and anti-slip grip.  the blade is crafted from an upper firm material which a makes it more accessible and has the ability to handle the tough and demanding task.

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The metal handle allows you enjoy various flipping roles without having to expose your hands to any fatigue. The metal handle allows the butterfly to feel strong while on your hand. while the blunt blade has also some benefits to the knife by making perfect training knife as your hands are relatively free from a minor cut. No offensive blade keeps this blade from exposing your minor injuries.

The absence of minor blade has also turned this bade to be perfect practice knife that can be used by both butterfly knife flipping beginner to fully established flipping experts.

  • No offensive blade
  • Lightweight
  • Metal handle
  • Feels strong    while on your  hand
  • Pricy

3.  Era Demon trainer– best butterfly knife trainer amazon

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This tactical butterfly knife takes our position two.it found its way here as it associated with a blunt blade which makes the learning process to be relatively easy. The absence of an offensive blade has turned this knife to be a perfect everyday carry butterfly knife trainer that you should consider going for.440C is the main material which was used to engineer this blade. This Era demon trainer butterfly knife also feels very strong while on your hand as the handle was molded metal. Having a metal a design makes sure the blade cannot at any given time slip away from your hand.

Are you a camper, hunter or even a hiker looking for durable butterfly flipper knife then this Era Demon should be your target butterfly Tactical Knife? The overall length of this knife is only 9 inches thus making you hand training butterfly knife.

  • Tactical Knife
  • Metal blade
  • 440C
  • Durable
  • Weighs 0.44lb

4.R RHINO Butterfly Trainer -best butterfly knife for flipping

Having just any training knife today is easy but getting durable and ever effective butterfly knife from a reputable company is not an easy task. This is the marina resound why we decided to include this blade on this prime list of best butterfly knife trainers.

With the quality handle, you can practice various flipping tricks for the relatively long duration of time.

The absence of a sharp edge is another reason why we made sure that this blade appeared on our list. The handle and the blade since they are made of metal are coated with a quality material which protects them from a harsh situation which might expose the metal to rust or collision situations.

It is recommended that when picking butterfly knife you should always consider going for the model which comes with lightweight.

  • Improved performance
  • Easy to flip
  • Reasonable price
  • compact design
  • Not effective

5.Butterfly Training Knife -best butterfly knife brands

Nothing is nice than having quality training knife which you should depend on. This knife model comes with a blade that takes claw-like shape thus makes it possible for you to get the real taste of how to flip a butterfly knife.

Edge tool of this knife is not sharp thus using this tools allows you to feel more comfortable as your hands are free from simple injuries which might arise.

This knife resembles a true butterfly knife hence it ensures that you are in a position of getting the real experience of a butterfly knife. In case you will have to practice flipping a real butterfly knife you will get the real experience.

With allowing the weight of the only 0.55lb   this butterfly trainer feels light when on your hands.  The curved blade and handle designs ensure that while using this training knife you will enjoy an ergonomic feel. The absence of a sharp blade makes it possible for you to learn effectively multiple flipping skills.

  • Lacks a sharp blade
  • Easy to use
  • Multipurpose knife
  • High performance
  • Weighs 0.55lb

6.CIMA Butterfly Knife 

A quality knife which comes with the blade of 3.34 inches while the overall blade length is only 8.45 inches. The increased overall length makes it possible for you to enjoy working most of the flipping skills which require blades that have an increased blade length .

Both the handle and ate blade are coating with a layer which is described to be vacuum coated oxidation technology.

The coating technology allows this blade to maintain its shape and performance for an increased duration of time. Most or even all the connection which are available on this knife are done using copper. One of the reasons why copper was used is that it protects this knife from being exposed to rust.

While the handle is made of compact material stainless steel is used to manufacture the blade.  Offensive blade not present hence both kids and experts can use this knife. 440steel happens to be the main raw material which is used to craft this blade.

While the folding length takes ups only25 comes thus making to make these qualities of an everyday carry knife availability of a sheath have also made this blade to be very effective as you can use the nylon sheath to move the knife.

  • Blunt blade
  • Quality blade material
  • Reduced blade size
  • The nylon sheath is present
  • Pric

7.VORNNEX Practice Butterfly

It would be a great disfavor to butterfly knife lovers to skip this quality VORNNEX Practice Butterfly it comes with, a blade which is manufactured with a stainless blade. The butterfly trainer tends to be incredibly durable as it is made from 440HC steel.

The screws which come with the handle of this knife ensures that you will enjoy .it also lack sharp blade as it makes it easy for you to enjoy working with this blade.it makes a perfect flipping knife for the intermediate user you can use  this knife to enjoy flipping   desires.

The handle of this knife is crafted from a quality blade material that prevents it from rusting. The handle takes a dull design thus make sit to be very effective especially when it comes to flipping or learning skills. The dull nature of this blade plays a vital role by increasing the appearance of this blade. The lightweight nature of this knife ensures that you can enjoy different butterfly tricks more easily without having to complicate your life.

  • Dull shape
  • Easy to use
  • Quality blade
  • Lightweight
  • None

8.Bear & Son butterfly knife

Another quality knife model which comes with a quality handle and relatively reduced weight thus it makes it easy for you to enjoy working more than one butterfly knife tricks with-it having to expose your hand to any fatigue. This knife as the name suggests is owned and manufactured by family bossiness which guarantees you to have your money this knife has been in butterfly knife industry since  1991  and the company is based in one of the famous states in the united states of America.

Thus makes this butterfly knife mode to be among the best rated American made butterfly knives you can find on the market today.  The above need butterfly knifed undergoes vital construction process where the knife is exposed to both high and low temperatures thus making this knife to be in the position of maintaining even the most demanding butterfly flipping desires.

Due to the compact construction design, this knife makes a perfect choice for an everyday knife which you can an even include during your hiking trips. It is associated with relatively increased handle thus it allows you to enjoy a nice way of working with this toll without the blade filliping form your hand during the butterfly knife flipping classes.

  • Simple pocket knife
  • Quality grip
  • Strong blade
  • Large handle
  • Weight is an issue

9.Benchmade butterfly knife-best benchmade butterfly knife flipper

Well after going through Facebook, google, re-edit butterfly knife platform we can confidently outline s that having a quality knife from a well know blade manufactured I an added advantage as you will be in the position of being able to get a refund poor repair if the knife malfunctions.

For more than a decade now Bench-made has been in the knife industry there spending a few dollars to acquire this butterfly knife is worth it.

Bench-made has hundreds of well-trained employees and engineers who conduct serious research so as to come up with outstanding knife brands which can be used by an individual with small and large hands.

Due to the overall design of this knife, all of the most common butterfly flipping tricks are easy. The handle and the blunt blade are manufactured from lightweight material this Benchmade butterfly knife will feel strong while on your handle.

A material handle ensures that this butterfly training knife I characterized by Ana agronomic feeling when it is held in your hand. Overall blade length is only 3.5 inches thus it has fully met all the legal requirements which define the retirement of a legal butterfly knife.

  • Compact shape
  • Manufactures warranty
  • strong contender
  • good performance
  • The price might be bother

10.Aledo Butterfly Trainer -best butterfly knife for the money

Ranging from high quality to relatively poor quality. I was looking for my personal butterfly knife trainer and it was very hard for me this is the main reason why I decided to come up with the above review of twenty best butterfly knife trainer that you can choose from today. Another quality knife which you should pick this time around.

It can be very confusing to pick just any butterfly knife from the market since there is quality an high-quality butterfly knife manufactures thus picking the right and a high perfuming knifes relatively a challenging tasks which require you to be more familiar with few factors that define equality butterfly knife.

Lath ought this knife is not that expensive it makes a perfect flipping too for butterfly knife enthusiasts.  The increased number of feature that comes with this knife range from nice handle design or quality sharp blade.

This butterfly training knife as compared to other models of training knife faired pretty well than other models. One main reason why you will love or like about this blade is that it has increased handle length. Having outlined the top most features of this it is good to note that the overall performance of this knife is also good  to mention that  both the handle and the handle  crafted  using metal thus making it be relatively durable

  • Improved performance
  • Ease of use
  • Large handles
  • Fantastic appearance
  • None

11.HTOMT butterfly knife -best butterfly knife skin

There is this popular belief that butterfly knives originated from the Philippines of which it is completely true .

but it takes an expert to pick quality or an original knife butterfly knife model form the today world which is greatly flooded with various butterfly knife models in today ’s world. Well at our number eleven we have this HTOMT Rainbow butterfly knife.

This knife takes up rainbow design hence making it be very unique. The handle of this knife is manufactured from 440HC which is quality steel material.it comes with a free screwdriver which makes it possible for you to enhance or make the handle more firm so as to make the flipping procedures.

The 440HC steel increased the ability of this knife to resist conditions such as rusts. While the strength that this knife allows you enjoy perfect flipping skills. The overall length of this knife is only 9  inches thus ensure you can even learn esteem butterfly knife skills which when using other blades it can be relatively difficult to achieve.

  • free screwdriver
  • Comfortable handle
  • perfect for learning
  • abrasive resistance
  • none

12.Arnaldo Butterfly Knife -best butterfly practice knife

Happens to be among the most praised butterfly knife today. It takes up a black overall color .as compared with other butterfly knives this model tends to be very effective.

The handle and the blade re well balanced thus they make this to be easy to use a flipping knife which can be used by both experts and beginners.

The handle of this knife is skeletonized hence it gives you a chance to enjoy more firm grip even if you have wet hands. The second thing is that this knife come is associated with good and durable material which is not only easy to work with but ensures that you can enjoy heavy duty flipping desire.

It also features blade which is relatively dull thus it protect it from harsh conditions such as rust. Since this model lack both sharp edge and sharp blade, it is, therefore, the most effective knife which can be used by even your kid s to learn new butterfly trick or new flipping skills.

The Arnaldo butterfly trainer also is backed up by prime manufactures warranty hence you can get all the money or get an equivalent refund in case the knife malfunctions before the period of warranty elapses. Another main and possible pro we thought that you might end up being interested in is that this knife allows you to protect your hand as all the handles are expertly placed.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to flip
  • Quality handle
  • Skeletonized handles
  • None

13.Andux Land Stainless -best entry level butterfly knife

Andux Land Stainless butterfly trainer is the next butterfly knife. Andux Land Stainless found a position on this list as we believe it is among the best rated and most revered knife among best butterfly knife trainer available on the market today.

Either you are left or right handed this knife makes you perfect butterfly knife this time around.

The blade primary material is stainless steel which is believed to be 420HC. If you are worried that at one time the blade and the handle will disconnect this Andux Land Stainless have your worries catered for as it comes with quality and durable screwdriver which play a vital role when you are looking for a device to tighten the screws.

If by any chance you are looking either for flexible or tight butterfly knife trainer this model makes you a perfect choice as you can adjust the handle or blade flexibility using the provided quality and durable screwdriver.

  • 420HC raw material
  • Flexible handle
  • You can adjust the flexibility
  • The package comes with a screwdriver
  • Weighs 4 ounce

14.RUNACC Butterfly Trainer-best butterfly knife for beginners

The very first thing that has made this butterfly trainer be different from the other best butterfly trainer is the wooed handle and quality sheath. Good things first all knives or blades which come with any sheath regardless of the materials are described or deemed d to be very portable.The wooden handle has also made this trainer to be very outstanding since unlike most butterfly knives which come with metal handle this wooden handle option has made it easier for people or butterfly knife enthusiast with sweaty hands to land a solution to their desire of getting a perfect flipping knife.

The wooden handle has also given this butterfly knife trainer very attractive designs. While the blunt blade play improves rule of making this knife to be a perfect practice knife. According to a survey conducted user who used this knife confessed that it feels strong on your hand and also said that it is associated with great comfort.

  • Wooden handle
  • Blunt blade
  • perfect for learning
  • sheath
  • none

Best Butterfly Trainer Buyers   Guide

In the above comprehensive Best butterfly knife trainer review we included top twenty butterfly knives which you can actually have access today. Button this section we are going to be very brief as we will look at what or the main butterfly trainer knife buying guide which you should always be familiar with before heading out there on the hundreds of flooded butterfly knife market platforms.

Well hoping by now you have already made a decision of which butterfly trainer knife you should be going for but in case you have not made the decisions yet the below tips will make it, even more, easier for you to identify the most or your favorite trainer knife this season.

1. Designs

While most butterfly trainer knives it is either easy to use or should be understated meaning that you will be in the position of using the butterfly knife model while in wet, moist or hot areas in case you have a sweaty hand such butterfly knife design will allow you to enjoy the process of owing such a knife.

Both the handle e and blade design offer you a relatively firm grip on the process of learning butterfly tricks require quality and an original knife model. The knife should also come with dependable hence it should come with an increased length. The weight of the handle and the blade should also be equally balanced to ensure that the flipping process is well modified.

2. Performance

It is good to note that the performance of the butterfly knife cannot be dictated by the size of the handle or the blade. Some butterfly blade which takes reduced shape to be more effective than large butterfly knives the same issue can happen on vice versa situation.

When looking at the performance of butterfly knives our butterfly trainer recommend that you should give features such as weight or the blade material more focus.  Knives which come or are crafted from quality material for handle and blade will be more durable and also they will be associated with high performance.

3. Balance

Best butterfly knives trainer should come with a quality balance.  A good trainer knife with well-balanced weight will always give you a better experience for learning butterfly tricks.  With a blade which is well balanced, you will be able to offer yourself all the self-defense you want.

Butterfly knife balance is only effectively judged by holding the knife on your hand any butterfly knife which will either feel weighted or uncomfortable then according to worlds butterfly experts that is not the right blade for you. Well, balanced knives should also feel stable when cutting or even during flipping classes.

4. Weight

The quality of being more specific best butterfly trainer knife should or must be associated with lower weight. In order to arrive at butterfly knife which comes with the most appropriate weight, you will have to filterer through knife retailer so as to procure knives that match your weight desires.

But we our butterfly trainer experts have already done that and offered you with the above best butterfly trainer model suggested above. Lighter butterfly let you be in the much better position of maneuvering or flipping the knife more professionally.

5. Handle

Another  vital factor  which  after going through   top butterfly knives  we have realized  that there are  some of the most common  material which is used  to model knife handles  such materials  include, hard rubber ,polymer  others  are crafted from lightweight aluminum  which makes it more  easy for  you to learn more   tricks with just a single knife for an increased  duration of time.

It is advised that knives with hollow handles should be avoided whole skeletonized handles are more preferred. By being knife enthusiast it is recommended that any knife model you p[ick should have a comfortable handle which allows the knife to feel strong while on your hand.

6. Size

Well, there is nothing much to says about the size of butterfly knives. But it is important for you to realize that not all bigger knives make perfect butterfly knives and also not all small knives characterize quality butterfly knives. Large knives are less effective and less portable.

While short butterfly knives are easy to carry but you will miss learning some butterfly knife trick which requires large blades. When picking butterfly knife to consider being familiar with knives which are best suited to cater to learning butterfly tricks is that you can pick a knife which matches your preferred butterfly trick.


If you have made up your mind on which model of butterfly knife to pick process to check out. But in case you stuck somewhere this buyers guide will take you through various step by step features which you should make sure they are present before proceeding to spend your money which we believe it was hard earned or it took you a relatively long time to save up in order to procure one or several butterfly knives. Happy shopping as you consider giving our above suggested Best butterfly knife trainer a try.


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