7 Best Butterfly Knife In 2021 Reviewed

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Best butterfly knife or I other words commonly known as butterfly apart from being popularly in the market they have also gained huge popularity among various groups of people all over the world.

By saying different groups of people we are referring to hunters, hikers, travelers or even fishermen apart from being used as a self-defense tool butterfly knives can be used as a form of entertainment through learning various butterfly knife tricks. A butterfly knife is something that every homeowner or any outdoor enthusiast all the way from camping should consider having.

There are hundreds of butterfly knives on the market but there are some rare and well-established knife manufacturing companies such a Hom Design, BladeRunnerS Systems and Benchmade have been producing some quality butterfly knives that are 100% worth the amount of time money that you will invest in purchasing one of their products.

Best   Butterfly Knife: Summary

Best Butterfly Knife Reviews

After conducting a research I have found out that to all of us are familiar with butterfly knives and therefore let me do some quick explanation of what are butterfly knives. So they can just be referred to as essential gravity knives but with only two handles that tend to be symmetrical.  A quality latch is a technology which butterfly knives instead of a switch or button to release the blade.

So, below is a complete review of 30 best butterfly knives of all time. After reading please don’t forget to share this wonderful information.

Best 5 Butterfly Knife Brands

Bear Ops

If you are knife enthusiast then there is a possibility you are familiar with Bear & Son. Bear Ops happen to be a tactical knife from Bear & Son the only difference is that both quality set up matches its high price

Bladerunner Systems

Another company that does not produce quality or high performing knives but also quality butterfly knives that correspond with weighing and functionality. Bladerunner Systems for  a more than a  decade  or  two have  remained to be among the top cream butterfly knife  manufacturers that have a high or rather premium pricing


Ever that you could own a butterfly knife from the real OG of knife producers well then Benchmade is the knife manufacturer you have been looking for. Benchmade  cannot produce  just normal  butterfly knives but  try their  best to comes  up with a product that will allow their  customer s to enjoy  premium qualities such  rust tolerant blade, anti-slip grip handles and  lightweight nature  among others

Best Butterfly Knife Reviews

  1. Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife

When it comes to owing a quality Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife you will definitely have to invest pretty penny. Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife is among the few remaining butterfly knives that have blades with completely unique appearances. CPM-S30V is the type of material that was used up when coming up and thus you are guaranteed quality performance and durability.

The blade design of this Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife ensures that you have the ability to be used to cater for even the most challenging instances. The handles of this knife are molded in a nice design that allows them to fit effectively on large or small hands. The handle slightly takes up rough material that ensures the Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife will

Billet titanium handle is the other reason why we thought that you might be interested to work with this product. Looking at the weight, blade designs and the handle you will realize that t Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife is the only Benchmade top contender you can find on the market today.

  • Come with a quality and compact blade designs
  • A professional machined handle allows you to feel comfortable
  • The overall weight of this knife is professionally balanced d
  • Tends to be both durable and very affordable
  • 4 ounces is the total weight
  1. Schrade Manilla Butterfly Knife

Schrade Manilla butterfly Knife is the next up butterfly knife that we will be looking at today. Schrade Manilla Butterfly Knife comes from one of the leading butterfly knife manufacturing company in today’s world. Schrade as top cream knife producer achieve sit goals by employing well-trained knife manufacturing experts.

Safety latch of this D2 tool steel is the primary material that was used up to comes up with the quality blade design. The handle of this knife is also relatively very quality and thus it ensures you will be in the position of being able to handle a wide range of needs. Solid pin channel construction ensures that you will enjoy working or even learning various flipping skills without having the blade breaking or even holding at any given time.

The handle is also made from stainless material and thus can stay for a relatively long duration of time without complaining about low quickly.  8 ounces happens to be the overall weight of this product. If we can be relatively straightforward this is quality butterfly knife that you can acquire even If you are on tight budget.

  • Skeletonized design of the handles
  • Associated with; lightweight due to the skeletonized design of the blade
  • D2 tool steel blade
  • The blade is an also  relatively  high performer  and  also 100% as it I s molded from a stainless material
  • Great butterfly knife option for camping or learning how to flip[
  • 8 ounces is the overall weight
  1. ZRAMO Rainbow butterfly knife

ZRAMO Rainbow butterfly knife apart from being associated with a lightweight blade and handle it also have a very nice appearance. The material which Zarma. If you are a parent like   me and  now  you are stressed which  is the  best  butterfly knife that you can buy for  your  son on his  birthday and  you just want something classic  then this  ZRAMO Rainbow butterfly knife

In case you just an OG butterfly knife while on budget and still be 100% guaranteed to get your money back in case the knife malfunctions then we are happy to present to you this   ZRAMO Rainbow butterfly knife to cater for your desire to be butterfly knife owner today.

Lastly, you will note that the handle of this butterfly knife is skeletonized. The skeleton nature of this butterfly knife ensures that weight is s reduced hence making to be a butterfly knife for performing the professional flipping role.

  • Rainbow nature butterfly knife
  • Guarantee return is 100%
  • Great for Handling and Safety learning
  • High-quality blade materials of 440c nature
  • 4 ounces is the  overall weight
  1. Moon Boat Butterfly Knife

Moon Boat Butterfly Knife is the up next best butterfly that we will be looking at today. Moon Boat Butterfly Knife found its way on this list as t is described by 100% lightweight material. The handle of this Moon Butterfly Knife is skeletonized and this feature alone guarantees you increased.

The overall length of this knife is 8.75″ and 5″ when open and closed and this length feature alone has turned it to be butterfly knife that can be used either during hunting .learning how to flip or even used as self-defense weapon today.

Having a quality knife is simple but getting a brand new knife that comes from premium knives manufacturing company is everything and that is one of the major reason why we decided to include this product on this list.

  • Skeletonized handle design
  • High-quality blade and handle design
  • Allows you to learn to flip various tricks
  • The handle tends to be relatively stable
  • 4 ounces is the  overall weight
  1. Bear & Son Cutlery Butterfly Knife-bear ops bear song iv

Bear & Son Cutlery  Butterfly Knife Is the next u product or best butterfly knife that we w will be looking at today as it comes from Bear & Son which is a knife manufacturing company that has 100% perfected the art of knife making. Having butterfly knife that comes with relatively enlarged.

Bear & Son knives have been around various online knife market paces from a long duration of time and what a allows these knives to remain competitive for the relatively long duration of time is the coma pat construction design and the highly trained knife manufacturing experts that area are employed by   Bear & Son.

Although  knives  from Bear & Son can be  pretty expensive as to when compared with other butterfly  knives from lovely available  manufactures .if  you are butterfly knife starter then  we  highly recommend  you to  consider using this knife  as it is  best  described  by quality blade and handle when in closed  state this bear and   sons  knife only measure 4 inch, the  handle is painted in black  tint   this alone   have  turned  this  into a product which you cannot avoid  working  with.

  • Carbon stainless steel
  • Both the blade and the handle take up the skeletonized design a weight is catered for here
  • The blade of this handle take up a black color and thus tend to be relatively free from rust
  • The blade is blunt and  thus protect you from minor  knife accidents
  • Despite this butterfly knife being a high performer improvement can be made on is 8 oz. Wa eighs
  1. TAC Force butterfly knife


Are you on a tight budget and you are not so sure of which butterfly knife brand to go for. Well if that is you then don’t worry as this TAC Force butterfly knife should be the butterfly knife you are planning on purchasing. TAC Force butterfly knife happens to be   a quality type of knife that you can even operate with one hand as it is a spring assisted model of a butterfly knife

The material that was used to come up with the design of has turned it into multifunctional butterfly knife as it does not fold easily even if you will use the knife to cater for even the most demanding tasks today. The skeletonized handle option which comes with this TAC Force butterfly knife according to our butterfly knife experts has played a great role in making it be considered as low weight knife.

TAC Force butterfly knife is among the butterfly knives that is referred to be one of the best butterfly knife series due to the availability of multiple features that are absent in other butterfly knife features. Lifetime warranty is another prime feature that 100% define a knife from TAC Force butterfly knife. Another interesting part of this knife is that it comes with a premium and machined aluminum handle and is a guarantee you quality performance even if you will have to work in the very unconducive working environment.

  • The overall design of this knife is very unique
  • TAC Force butterfly knife is backed up by lifetime warranty
  • The finishing option of this knife  takes up  a hand finishing thus making it to beavery outstanding knife
  • The  blade is  professionally covered with a black material and   thus making it to rust resistant
  • As an addition, this is a quality pocket knife  as it has a pocket clip and thus  very portable
  • Overall weight is only 5 ounces
  1. Squid Industries butterfly knife

Squid Industries butterfly knife is not only a quality but a professional butterfly knife trainer, what is more, interesting is that you will be shocked to realize that this knife is machined from the quality plastic material. What is more interesting is the 4.325-inch blade and thus making to be a perfect butterfly knife that you can   carry it on your pocket every day

By being machined from plastic material this translates you can simply buy this butterfly knife for your so to learn various butt fly knife flipping tricks that will allow the home to develop the love and skill of relatively butterfly knives. The overall weight is just 2.50 ounces and thus can be Sid to be very astonishing. You will also realize that this product is associated with quality bronze and Phosphorus washers and this has enabled this knife to offer you a smooth flipping experience.

If you are among the few people who love stylish knives then this Squid Industries butterfly knife is your match. Apart from the handles that are built from PVC providing you with a quality grip they have also played a relatively huge role in making it to a completely nice knife that can be used by both experts and beginners.

  • Comfortable handle design
  • The overall designs are also decent and thus you can use it as self-fence or flipping butterfly knife
  • Lightweight nature of this product is great
  • By the overall material being plastic  this knife is both a performer and portable  model
  • 56 ounces is the overall knife  weight
  1. Dog Bite Knives

We thought that including other knives that have different design nor that comes from other different manufactures another than Benchmade or models included above would be doing a great fava out to the individual who is on a relatively tight budget and still looking for a quality knife. Dog Bite Knives have also been on the butterfly knife a market and thus alone explains where there is growing demand on owning various models of Dog Bite Knives today

To a great extent, you will be shocked to realize that a quickly pocket clip comes is present. The pocket clip ensures. The quality designs of the pocket clip a allow to feel more comfortable when moving   with this knife .you can use this knife to handle both heavy task   or otherling task such as  flipping without this  knife flooding as the handles are made from 440C Stainless quality steel materials

Finally having a blade which is coated by a shiny material ensure that as far as you will be using the knife it will remain to have a quality grip. as far as quality of the blade is concerned you will realize you can use it for hunting or camping. Finally 440C Stainless increases the durability of these Dog Bite butterfly Knives.

  • Decent quality folding handles
  • Lightweight nature and thus 100% portable
  • Super powerful steel blade
  • The handles are made of lightweight aluminum
  • Comfortable for both large and small hands
  • 1 ounces overall weight
  1. BladesUSA C Folding butterfly Knife

BladesUSA C Folding butterfly Knife is the next model of butterfly knife that we thought it could help you to perform various roles. This BladesUSA C Folding butterfly Knife is manufactured by   quality knife company that has been in the market for a relatively long  duration of time .ask any  pocket knife  enthusiast  persona and  you will  discover that a pocket knife should not exceed five inches  and that is why we decided  to offer you  a premium butterfly knife  that comes with a length of 4-3/4-Inches when  Closed.

Everyone today in earth loves to won or to be associated with stylish everything. well, then this is not an exemption as it is also associated with a  Stylish and a professional  Manual Folding Knife. The steel which was used during the process of moldering the blade is black in color and therefore plays a vital role in keeping your blade away from rust.

The blade USA butterfly knife by being an American brand assures you high performance after purchasing. The weight of both the blade and the handle is well balanced and thus you will learn various flipping tricks quickly. The recognizable and quality silhouette is present and this alone helps in improving. Apart from being among the most popular butterfly knives on the market today.

  • Has a quality blade designs
  • machined handle
  • The overall weight is balanced
  • durable and also very affordable
  • 4 ounces overall weight
  1. Anado Butterfly Knife

Aledo Butterfly Knife is the quality butterfly knife that you can depend on. Aledo Butterfly Knife can be said to be a quality outdoor survival gear that every outdoor lover should own. This is the other quality type of Butterfly Knife. What an allowed our experts  to include  Aledo Butterfly Knife  comes with  stylish s appearance  and thus  you will very  comfortable when  working  with this even  in a public  place

The handles of this knife are slightly skeletonized and thus the weight has been slightly reduced. The skeletonized nature is another possible future as to why this knife happens to be the most preferred knife by various butterfly flipping experts. The absence of shape bald have turned Aledo Butterfly Knife to be a perfect knife for learning how to flip butterfly knife and this has made it be perfect knife that can be used by even your children.

The next up possible feature that we thought you might fall in love with is the general appearance. The overall designs of both the blade and the handle are expertly covered with a black material. The main role of the black material makes sure that conditions such are rust are completely avoided thus increasing both the performance and the durability of this butterfly knife.

  • The perfect knife that can be used a gift  to knife lovers
  • Skeletonized handle
  • Weight is highly reduced thus making  to be  a perfect pocket knife
  • stylish pocket knife
  • Relatively durable
  • The weight of can  be slightly reduced
  1. Benchmade Model 67-benchmade balisong knife

Is the other quality Benchmade butterfly knife that is highly recommended for you if you are butterfly knife person? By this knife alone being produced by Benchmade alone makes sure that you are guaranteed of quality and also the overall performance of the knife.

The quality handle which is slightly skeletonized allows you to enjoy a firm grip either with sweaty hands or when working in rainy or moisty areas. The overall length of this Benchmade is only 9.2 inches and this alone is an advantage as you can use it a legal pocket knife.  Also, the event has also made  this knife  to  very easy to for kids or flipping knife experts  to use comfortably

D2 semi-stainless steel happens to be the material which Benchmade used when molding this butterfly knife model 67. After researching we  realized that the D2 semi-stainless steel  had  a relatively high Rockwell  hardness of not less   than 62.just  as like the  butterfly knife model 42 this product to features quality tanto design  of the  blade  which can only be  best described an unusual

  • Tanto blade has an unusual design
  • Overall length is only 9.20 inches
  • Quality blade material
  • Feature a skeletonized handle and even  blade design
  • Overall weight is  2 ounces
  1. Icetek Sports Butterfly Knife-cheap butterfly knives

Looking closely at this product you will realize that the handle options of this knife are made from steel which is 100% machined and this lone allows you to enjoy a long hour of work with complaining or hand pain. The type of machined handle present makes it more possible to work for a relatively long time as the knife feel 100% comfortable while holding it.

Through research, it can be proved that icetek Sports Butterfly Knife can be a quality and a reliable deck knife. Having machined and the skeletonized handle is something that flippers mostly consider when looking for a great butterfly knife to purchase.100% quality practice knife trainer Metal steel

The smooth pivot which comes with this acetic Sports Butterfly Knife allows your flipping skill to be very easy to learn. When compared with other butterfly knives this model tends to be quality as when coming up with the handle two high-quality sheets of steel are machined together.

  • Beautiful texture
  • The handle contains some titanium alloy
  • New grinding design technology was used up
  • Slightly blunt blade and thus to some percentage safe to use
  • Weight is seen to be an issue in a way
  1. VORNNEX Practice Butterfly

VORNNEX Practice Butterfly is the very last product on our list today. VORNNEX Practice Butterfly is associated with alight yet a very compact knife design. Stainless Steel Black is the other reasons why this butterfly knife was included in our review.  The black coating on the steel allows you to enjoy working with this knife for the longest time possible.

The nonoffensive blade is what allowed this vortex knife to be referred to as quality butterfly knife. You will also realize that absence if sharp blade allows you to enjoy even the most complicated flipping tricks. The blade length is only 9 Inch and thus fall to the class of lightweight and portable pocket knives. Looking at the total or if you may call it an overall weight of this stylish butterfly knife is only 9.6 ounces.

Quality and professionally designed Convex nails are present and their main role is to smoothen the flipping skills. 440 stainless steel was the quality steel used to come up with this compact material.to makes sure that this knife will be both stable and durable enhanced screws were used up as a performance guarantee.

  • enhanced screws
  • good ductility
  • the  construction  used Pure Copper Gaskets  hence high  performer
  • Quality stainless steel was used  up when designing  the blade
  • 6 ounces total weight
  1. KNIFER New butterfly Knife

KNIFER New butterfly Knife also after looking at the blade and handle designs we thought that including it on this list will be a great idea. KNIFER has Full-length of 9.8 inches of which it makes it to the calls of portable training butterfly knife. Both the blade and the handle are made form a 440C Stainless Steel Material

By being a folding knife it ensures that it can easily fit me your pocket. The folding design also to some extent gives various butterfly knife lovers to enjoy more quality flipping skills. Finally, a blade which is not sharp make this to be a knife that can be used by children or even butterfly knifes

Finally, you will note that the handle of this butterfly knife is filled with Filled with ABS that are 100% Comfortable. 440C Stainless handle and blade Steel Material also have increased the overall performance and durability of this butterfly knife trainer.

  • Blade Material is 440C Stainless Steel
  • Abrasive resistance thus free from rust
  • The blade is slightly blunt and  thus  a quality butterfly trainer
  • When holding it ensure a pure strong feeling
  • 4 ounces  weight

Best Butterfly Knife Buyers Guide


When purchasing a butterfly knife it is recommended that you should pick a knife that is molded from the compact material. The materials used  to make  the blade  of  butterfly knife should  also be  100% Wear resistance so that its cost can be equivalent  to the  performance  and accuracy .the  blade should also be coated to minimize rust  or collusions instance  and also to improve  the  blade durability


Another r important point or feature to look for when buying a butterfly knife is the handle. A quality butterfly knife pocket knife should. The length should not be too small or extremely large so that you can even enjoy other innovative flipping tricks. A slight modification should be made on the handle to prevent the butterfly knife from slipping away.

Butterfly Knife Facts

Butterfly knives are said to have originated from the   Philippines and thus when picking quality butterfly knife you should make sure that the knife comes from the original manufacturer. If you are new to butterfly knives you should know that there are hundreds of options to choose from. Butterfly knives can be used for other functions such.

Today there are hundreds of butterfly knives options that you can choose from and thus you should be very careful when picking to ensure that you will pick a product that will allow you to get the real taste of your money. In this we did more work that took us   3 days to comes up with this detailed review of 20 best and precision machined butterfly knives that are absent in your local knife flea market.


That was what our editors were able to come up with after 29 hours of deep research. all the knife models on this list were picked on the basis of general performance and overall rating on different knife selling platforms. Finally, if the bet butterfly knife overall was identified as Dog Bite Knives B01ALTVCZG due to both quality handle and blade. Happy shopping.


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