9 Best Fixed Blade Knife Under 50 In 2021 Reviewed

Best fixed blade knife under 50 is possibly the most interesting and in the way most desired fixed blade knife that you will purchase even if you are on tight on very tight budget.

A great fixed blade knife either under or over 5o dollar should be in the position of performing a wide range of roles and it should be associated with reduced weight.In case you are in hurry here is our comparison list of top 10 best-fixed blade knife under 50 that you can consider working with today. Note that all the knives that were included on this list were selected professionally on the basis of ratings positive reviews on various online knife selling platforms

Reviews:7 Best Fixed Blade Knife Under 50 In 2021 Reviewed

1.ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade-Best Fixed Blade Knife For Under 50 Dollars

See knives 6p fixed blade is one of the fixed blade knives that you should be looking forward to achieving the overall designs of this knife ensure that you can work with this knife for the longest time possible without the knife slipping away from your hands.Best Fixed Blade Knife For Under 50 Dollars

The overall length of this blade is only 11.75 incest and thus you can use it to perform even the most demanding task such a wood crafting. 1095 Steel happens to be the overall blade material and thus it handles even tasks that are associated with more cutting demand.

  • Expertly crafted blade
  • Comes with a removable clip
  • 50″ quality flat ground blade
  • Quality polymer carry sheath
  • increased thumb grip
  • A larger  lanyard hole can be  used

2.Gerber LMF II Survival Knife-Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Under 50

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is our second knife that we will be looking at today. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is a quality knife which comes one of the leading knife manufacturing companies today. Getting the knife from Gerber means that you will always have a replace in case the knife will malfunction.

The blade of this knife is extremely sharp enough to professionally cut through either rocks, hardwood or even an aircraft fuselage. You will love the handle of this knifes you will feel completely comfortable either when using the right or left hand. Despite the blade of this knife being associated with the relatively small blade, you will be shocked due to the overall performance that you will enjoy when working with this blade.

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife features a quality drop point blade option and thus making it be an all duty pocket knife. A quality a blade material of  420 HC  is one of the reasons why despite availability of a million knife manufacturing or retail  companies Gerber LMF II Survival Knife has remained to be among the leading knife manufacturing company.

  • Glass Filled Nylon
  • Deep saber grind
  • Has a quality sheath hence moving from region to another is very easy
  • Drop point blade design
  • Can be a multifunctioning blade due to the presence of serrated cutting edge
  • 52 Pounds overall weight

3.Outdoor Tactical Knife-Best Fixed Blade Knife For Under 50 Dollars

At our number three, we decided to provide you with something that is more classic. Both the handle and the blade are relatively quality and thus having a quality handle in fixed blade that only comes. Outdoor Tactical Knife is one of the wells are pocket knives that are associated with a fixed blade.

8CrMoV titanium was the blade material which was used to come up with the construction design 8CrMoV titanium is well defined by the increased ability to marinate sharp cutting edge for the longest time. 8CrMoV titanium also prevents this knife from folding in case you will be going will be performing tasks that are more demanding.

  • 8CrMoV titanium surface
  • Associated with the quality super sharp blade
  • It is a hardy knife and therefore can  multitask easily
  • G10 Handle thus this knife is free from slipping away from your  hands
  • Weights 4.6 ouches

4.Bushcraft Survival Hunting Knife B00KHSHJF-Best Easy to sharpen  Fixed Blade Survival Knife Under 50

We had to include a knife which has a great power to perm even the most demanding task and that is one of the major reasons why this Bushcraft Hunting Knife found it way on this professionally selected list.

The bald of this material is covered by quality a coating and thus keeping it to be free from the collusion of even other worse conditions. By being associated with full tang designs user will feel more comfortable.  This knife is associated with a relatively long blade of 15.5 commands this characteristic alone have made it be a quality bushcraft knife.

  • Handmade tactical  fixed blade knife
  • 100% money guarantee back
  • Genuine Leather Sheath
  • Black Micrata handle

5.SOG SEAL Team Fixed Blade -Best Light weight Fixed Blade Knife For $50

Our review team had to include a quality a knife from SOG.  This knife is referred to as SOG SEAL Fixed Blade as it is used by some of the top military all over the globe. The blade of this knife is relatively compact as it is molded from a Heat treated and quality AUS-8 steel.Best Fixed Blade Knife For $50

The AUS-8 steel which is Heat treated is also able to maintain a sharp edge for a relatively long duration of time. A lanyard hole is associated with this knife and thus you will laws enjoy a more firm grip. Ergonomically contoured model of knife handle ensures that you will always feel free comfortable when working with SOG SEAL Team Fixed Blade

  • Glass-reinforced handle
  • AUS-8 steel blade
  • Longer lifetime warranty
  • Black Kydex sheath
  • Undergoes rigorous testing
  • Weighs 2 ounces

6.Schrade knife Extreme B0035ELWS2-Best Cheap Fixed Blade Knife For $50

Final you will love the overall structure of blade, handle and the e shae4eth if this knife. The quality sheath that comes with this product ensures that either when backpacking or when using this Schrade knife Extreme Team as a pocket knife your hands will be 100% protected from minor injuries that might arise.

The handle of this knife is made from a micrata material and this turning this knife into an ant-slip everyday blade. By the fact that this knife is handmade tool thus you are assured of better performance ability. Schrade knife Extreme has an HRC 56-58 is the overall hardness of the blade of this knife and thus it allows you to always enjoy clean cuts.

  • Ballistic Belt Sheath
  • professional level use
  • Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Has a Large Storage Pouch
  • Weighs 7 pounds

7.Bowie Blade Knife-Best Beginner Fixed Blade Knife For $50

Bowie Blade Knife is the other quality knives that you can work with today. You will be amazed to note that this Bowie Blade Knife   comes with   fully   FORGED IN ONE PIECE and thus making it be perfect everyday carry tool.

The extremely lightweight nature of the knife has made it be imperfect EDC knife which you can easily use. The nature or  the well-balanced weight  between the   blade  and  handle weight ensure  that  individuals  with either large or small hands  can work   with this tool  more  frequently  without experience  any hand  antique

Lastly, this knife is an American blade and thus it is a high performing and also relatively durable product that you should always dream of working with. If you have never used a quality or a high carbon steel which takes up a full tang 1095 blade design dot worry as you have this See knives 6p fixed blade/ Despite being budget based knife it is also expertly crafted and thus more efficient.

  • High-quality materials
  • Quality Handle Scales
  • It is both Sharp, sturdy
  • and also 100% durable
  • Slightly heavy

8.Buck Knives 124 B0081SRG2I-Best Budget  Fixed Blade Knife For $50

After handling millions of different knife brand we can comfortably say that there is no perfect knife. However getting the right blade should always be you should be your dream always.

Here at kinematic, you will find fixed blade knife under 50 that will help you to cater for various roles such as bush a crafting, hunting, wood carving or even skinning small and large game animals more frequently.

Buck Knivesa  124despitethe  being an imported pocket knife it comes with a quality sheath that makes it easier for you to make the knife from one place to another more comfortably. This knife was also made from a quality material that is in a better position of being able to maintain as harp cutting edgework a relatively long durations of time

  • Razor sharp blade-
  • Efficient for outdoor tasks
  • Black micrata handle
  • Blade and handle are made with quality materials
  • Weighs 4 pounds

Best Fixed Blade Knife under 50 Buyers Guide

After going through the above  10 fixes d blade knife under 50  that we managed to compile we hope that one of the knives madea it to your standard. In future in case you will ever have the desire to change or even upgrade your knife we have offered some of the most obvious and that a re they must be present I knife that will never fail you when in your favorite working station. Below you will find a well-crafted all time fixed blade knife.

Size of the blade

Fixed Blade Knife should always be associated with a compact nature.  Blade size is determined by your intended way of using the knife. In case you are looking for a knife that you can move with it from one area to another then you will have to reconsider picking a knife with the relatively smaller blade. If you are looking   for backpacking or bushcraft then consider picking bled   which is associated with relatively longer blade ae you will have to perform a wide range

Of activities. Having a longer blade will also ensure that you will be safer when using such a knife to perform various activities.


When you are out there not knowing which model or brand of   Fixed Blade Knife to the icon of you should have in mind that a knife handle paces an Avery a great role stat you cannot afford going wrong when picking. the ad that us one of the reasons why it is redeemed that you shool aim hat at picking a knife that comes or allows you to enjoyed exceptionally quality and anti-slip grip during when performing activity. The handle material shul also is in a position to supper both small or vent large hardy’s. The handle material should also   be in better or improves position of keeping your hand   free from blisters or even antique

Blade material

The blade material depends on the use of the knife but most instance you should consider picking blade that comes with quality and   100% stainless material, by now we have great hope that you are a familiar with why blade of the knife is most essential part of any knife. There you should consider picking blade material that is coated by a black thin layer or it is stainless in nature.

Having a blade that is coated by thin material ensures that the blade is free from rust or certain conditions such as rust that might end up influencing the overall performance of your Fixed Blade Knife.


We hope that our list of best Fixed Blade Knife under 50 gave you to pick a quality option.  We have great hope that you will consider buying through our links as that is what keep or editors moving. Also, it is good to note that regardless of the number of any knife of on our list as they are equally effective.

Before we get to look at the individually fixed blade knife under 50  we  would like  to inform  you  that there are hundreds   of  such  knives on any knife selling platform  and  you will  be  needed  to be  familiar with  other  factors to consider such as the  overall knife performance, blade designs and  finally the  handle material  which was  used to come  up  with  the  designs of fixed blade knife. For assistance live chat with us here.

secondly, we are against you buying a bunch of fixed blade knives due to their low price but we encourage our leaders to consider going for a quality a  fixed blade knife that will help them to accomplish the different task more easily. Happy shopping.


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