7 Best Karambit In 2021 Reviewed

Best karambit is quality premium tools that you should have in weapon or self-defense tools collections. This is a tool that is molded in the very expert way and thus making very easy for you to offer your self-quality self-defense options.

What makes karambit to be a great knife is the sharp edge make that is slightly carved ensure that you get yourself in any survival situations that you might be facing today.in most instances karambit is made from quality steel that allows them to maintain their sharp edge for the relatively large duration of time without having the desire to sharpen the knife.

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The blade and handle design are other main benefits why this knife is widely seen as a quality defense knife.  The handle of karambit come with a ring and the main role so of the ring is to offer you with additional support. In case you are a martial arts guys the ring on the thumb guarantee you sufficient ability to maneuver more easily.

Today landing your hands on a quality karambit can take you days of searching through millions of Best karambit that are available on the market today and this is one of the reasons why we decide to comes up with this detailed review of 30 Best karambit which you can actually purchase right now.in our post, we have included a karambit buyers guide.Best Karambit Comparison table

Reviews:Best Karambit In 2021 Reviewed

1.Spyderco Karahawk

Spyderco Karahawk was found to be the best overall karambit knife by our experts today. Imagine your self-having abought a knife and immediately after getting the knife you realize that the knife is a fault and you will be needed to have a replacement well you should consider this knife as you will also be allowed get a perfect replacement or even your money back.

Blade: The handles of this Karahawk is made from a rubberized material and thus you will not experience any grip. The overall grip of this knife is very outstanding and thus you can work with this knife even if you have sweaty hands. Another feature is that this knife is able to maintain a sharp edge for a relatively long duration of time.

Handle: Moving from one place to another is very with this Spyderco Karahawk as it comes with a quality steel pocket clip which is reversible. Having a reversible pocket clip allows either right handed and left handled individual can enjoy this Spyderco Karahawk. The materials come from G10  grade and design and thus quality grips are 100% assured when using or even protecting yourself with this Spyderco Karahawk.

  • Quality and 100% superior blade and handle designs
  • The locking mechanism which was employed is back lock
  • Both the blade and handle are well balanced  and  thus you will feel  more comfortable
  • Blade opening system is spring assisted and thus you can operate this knife with one hand
  • It is also 100% Superior utility knife as it comes with Adjustable  and professional pocket clip
  • The overall weight of this knife is 6 ounces
  • You will need  to use  both hands  to make  sure that the  knife will close  fully

2.Emerson Wave Karambit

Emerson Wave Karambit is the other prime karambit on this list that we cannot avoid pick today. The overall design of this Emerson Wave Karambit is very compact thus it makes it be a quality knife that you can use to perform variously. The folding nature of this   Emerson Wave Karambit Has turned it to be a relatively an everyday carry knife.

Emerson Wave Karambit is not only simple karambit but a Superior utility knife since it employs Emerson wave opening systems. The Emerson Wave makes it possible for you to easily deploy this knife easily.

The handle also comes with quality and reversible steel pocket knife that allows you to easily use it as a perfect pocket knife. The blade takes up relatively curved designs that ensure that it will be of high performance as when compared to other. NC690Co quality stainless steel was the material that was used

  • Superior utility knife
  • The blade is Tiger Claw
  • the pocket clip  is Adjustable
  • NC690Co stainless steel
  • pricy knife

3.Karambit Fox 599 G10

Up next we decided to include a karambit that comes from a top knife manufacturing company. If you are sports person and now you a are in search of a quality utility knife that you can use as a training knife then you cannot go wrong after giving this Superior Karambit Fox 599 G10 utility and a professional training knife.

The handle of this knife takes the G10 handle design and thus working either under a wet condition or with sweaty hands will always prevent this Karambit Fox 599 G10.From slipping away from your hand thus causing minor injuries’  quality ring which is professionally design is also located at the end of the handle. When in a folding position this knife has a baled that measures 2.25-inch blade while the overall length of the fox karambit is just 7 inches and this feature alone have allowed this karambit to be seen as a pocket knife.

The blade of this Karambit Fox 599 G10 is made from a high-quality 440c stainless steel and thus you can use it as hunting or self-defense tool. A quality cutting edge that is able to remain sharp for a relatively long period. The 440c stainless steel ensures that you will cater for more task within less time as the knife have relatively great ability to hold its cutting edge.

  • 440c stainless steel
  • Offers users 100% firm grip
  • Comes with a quality blade which is claw-shaped
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • This fox knife is also a hundred percent quality training knife.
  • Has an overall weight of 4.0 ouches
  • The overall handle and blade length can be minimized

4.Spyderco Delica 4

Up next on this list is professionally fixed blade karambit well known as Spyderco Delica 4.This Delica 4 comes from Spyderco which is a knife manufacturing company that has been on the market for a  very long duration of time and thus you will not face some challenging issues such as low performance. The overall shape of Spyderco Delica is very attractive and thus you can use this karambit as camping or pocket knife.

When you look closely to this blade you will note that is associated with a stainless material. The stainless nature if the blade prevents this Spyderco Delica 4 from undergoing through rust which might end up interfering with the overall performance of this Spyderco Delica 4.rusing can also cause the durability of this Delica 4 to be reduced gradually.

The handle of this Spyderco Delica 4 happens to be. Despite being made from quality steel this blade also maintains alight weigh nature that does not influence its performance negatively. VG-10Handle quality material a was used and thus this Delica knife will very slip away from your hand either you have  100% sweaty hands or even when working in misty regions. When measured in inches the overall handle length is  2.875  while the blade measure’s 4.25 thus making it to best karambit that can be used as an everyday carry pocket knife.

  • 25  overall blade length I inches
  • Quality and professional  grip offer  you slip-resistant feature
  • Nylon handles  are fiberglass reinforced
  • VG-10 quality handle design
  • Hole spine and the thus quality grip is 100%
  • Tends to be  a pricey knife
  • Has 3.2 ounces  as the overall Weight

5.Schrade Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade Fixed Blade Knife happens to be the other knife model that is 100%% widely spread. Both the lightweight design and the quality handle ensure that this Schrade Fixed Blade Knife can be used to handle various task all the way from hunting to self-defense purposes. Both the blade color and the design of the handle have made it this Schrade Fixed Blade Knife to be a higher value karambit knife that can be used by hunters, hikers, and even backpackers.

The quality lined lanyard holes that came with this knife have turned it to be a high-quality karambit option as you will always enjoy quality grip regardless of whether you have sweaty hands or not. The relatively increased handle grip ensure that this knife can handle light and heavy duties respectively without exposing your hands to any danger.

The blade of this Schrade Fixed Blade tool takes a completely claw-shaped nature. TPR Handle model is of high quality and thus it allows ensure that you are 100% of a firm grip. Getting a knife today is easy but specifically getting a durable knife that you can fully depend on to perform various tasks is not that easy and this is one of the reasons why we decided. 5.21 Inches being the overall blade length ensure that this  Schrade Fixed Blade Knife will remain to be a high performing knife model that can easily multitask without it performance being influenced negatively.

  • Availability of Finger Hole promote compact grip
  • Quality Fixed Blade Knife
  • 8Cr13MoV is the stainless material  used  to come  up with the  blade
  • High karambit knife as it is a Dual Edged Blade
  • 100% an American karambit knife
  • 1 ounces happens to the total sum of its weight

6.BladesUSA Polypropylene Karambit

BladesUSA Karambit is the best training karambit knife as it comes s with a Polypropylene blade thus exposes you to fewer cuts. Polypropylene blade ensures that you will learn various karambit flipping or handling skills more easily.in another word what we mean by Polypropylene karambit is that this BladesUSA Karambit can be said to be a dummy karambit as it cannot be used as a cutting blade.

The blunt blade guarantees all BladesUSA Polypropylene Karambit users the opportunity to learn to flip this knife completely. Moving around with a   knife can be a very risky and that is one of the reasons why it is recommended that when choosing a pocket knife consider picking the one that comes with a Sheath. Now choosing this BladesUSA Karambit you will not only enjoy high performance but also moving around with this knife is very easy due to the availability of a Thermoplastic professional Belt Sheath.

The tip of this BladesUSA Polypropylene Karambit features quality round tip. The role of the round edge is to 100% protect and also reduced the overall penetration of this knife to zero and this alone has made to be a perfect military or combat training knife. For increased quality and performance this BladesUSA Karambit features a thumb ring. After consulting the manufacture we can confidently say that the ring plays a vital role in ensuring you will always enjoy a quality grip.

  • Lightweight nature
  • Blunt blade and thus no accidental penetration can be experienced
  • Comes from a quality knife manufacturing company and thus both durability and performance  are guarantees
  • Lightweight nature ensure that can  move from one place to another with this knife
  • Overall weight 0.3 ounces

7.Karambit Knife Stainless

Is the next up quality knife on this list that you can depend on 100%.with an overall weight of 3.83Oz working with this knife has been made very easy? Comes with a stainless steel blade and thus it has a better ability to maintain an attractive appearance for a relatively long duration of time. The handle of Karambit Knife Stainless. Holding this knife on your hands feel s great due to the ergonomic handle design.

Due to the quality blade and handle this Karambit Knife Stainless you can work with this karambit for the relatively increased duration of time. The handle of this karambit knife is associated with a quality handle which is ergonomically designed. Stainless and a quality steel blade

The handle is slightly curved and thus it allows you to always enjoy a  firm grip when working with this type of knife.  The stealth of this knife comes from a plastic material and this alone ensures that you will remain safe when using this knife to perform various roles. The plastic blade sheathe have also played some role. The overall design has turned this karambit to be a knife which you can use as a multipurpose karambit rather as camping or hunting knife.

  • Stainless Steel Blade the overall blade  length is 3.5  inches
  • The handle is ergonomically designed
  • Plastic sheathe thus 100% safe   to move from one  place to another
  • Multifunction karambit knife the  handle  comes  with a  quality hanging clip
  • Weighs 83Oz

8.Handmade Karambit Knife

Handmade Karambit Knife happens to be the next up karambit our experts will be looking at today. Well. Having handmade karambit allows you to perform a wide range of activities or the way from hunting to fishing.  The quality ring also comes one the handle of this knife and this guarantee you quality grip which allows the knife to remain on your hands for the longest time possible.

The next up feature of this Handmade Karambit Knife is the slightly curved thus talking up claw-like shape and this alone give you the better able to use it a  hunting knife. The curved blade ensures that you can use this knife a quality skinning knife today. The  handle is  also made  from  quality material and thus  when  hunting the  knife  will kk = not have  to slip  from  your hands

Looking closely at the features of this knife you will release death It is associated with an Asian origin. You will agree with our best karambit editors that every hunter needs a quality knife that will allow them to protect theirs fully when. By just being a handmade karambit knife.as an addition this knife comes with a quality sheath and thus you can use it as pocket or backpacking karambit knife .lastly the bald is made from a Damascus steel which can only be referred to as high carbon.

  • The blade of this karambit resembles tiger
  • The blade is made from a high carbon material
  • 56 Rockwell hardness rating
  • Handle  material is  quality  bone that  guarantees  you 100% firm  grip
  • The material used to make  this  blade is  hard  and 100%heat treated
  • The overall weight of this  is 13 ounces

9.TAC Force Tactical Knife

TAC Force Tactical Knife is the other best karambit that we will be looking at today. TAC Force Tactical Knife comes from TAC Force which happens to be a 100% prime knife manufacturing organization that has been around for more than a decade now. TAC Force has perfected the art of knife making professionally and this alone has turned this  TAC Force to be a quality knife that you can use to cater for either hunting or fishing desires.

TAC Force has been in the best karambit marketplaces and it happens to be one of the karambit that can handle the various task without having it overall performance going down. Although TAC Force knives may at times tend to be more e expensive than other karambit on the market what is more exciting is that  TAC Force are high performing karambit thus making them be worth their price.

TAC Force also provides some comfort when working with it as the weight of the handle and blade is well balanced thus it ensures that your hand will not face any fatigue when working with this TAC Force karambit knife. If you are looking for tactical karambit then you are also in the right place as this karambit was molded from both a quality and hard material. Opening this knife is very easy as you can even operate it with one hand as it employs a lock of fast release option.

  • Associated with a 100% compact designs
  • The weight of both the handle and the blade is well balanced
  • Opening this blade is very easy as it employs a lock fast release option
  • Moving the knife from one place  to another is very  easy
  • In order to prevent this knife from getting lost it come s with  quality pocket clip
  • The pocket clip takes up a reversible nature thus accessing the knife tend to take more time than you expected.

10.Cold Steel Tiger Claw karambit

Cold Steel Tiger Claw karambit is the next up unconventional karambit knife that we will be looking at today. Most of the visitor have aired their views that we only focus on expensive products and this is why we decided to include quality karambit that you can still purchase even if you are on a very tight budget.

Cold Steel Tiger Claw karambit despite being associated with the relatively low price it a 100% high performing knife.  The main reason why we included this product here is to give our visitors wide range of product options that they can choose from you can use this karambit to perform a wide range of activities all the way from Cutting and slicing. The overall length of the karambit knife is 7.5 inches while the blade alone has a length of 5.25 inches thus making to be a perfect pocket knife which you can use as an everyday knife.

Cold Steel Tiger Claw karambit comes with a quality sheath. The main role of the sheath is to protect you from a minor accident that might come up either when backpacking or transporting the karambit knife from one place to another. Having just any karambit is an easy task but getting quality karambit that have super handle guarantees you a quality and 100% ant-slip grip.

  • The light we light nature thus easy to transport
  • Comes with a quality necklace sheath
  • The blade of this knife takes up a full tend design and this has turned this karambit to be immensely durable
  • The handle takes up a very nice designs
  • The  blade is able to maintain it sharp
  • Overall weight is 6 ounces

11.Emerson Folding Karambit

Emerson Folding Karambit is another quality model or karambit knife that is highly recommend all over the globe. Emerson Folding Karambit comes with a compact bale that cannot break easily even if you are going to perform demanding tasks.  With 8.375   as the overall length thus it can be easily used as a pocket knife. Opening feature of this Emerson Folding Karambit is wave-shaped and this feature alone ensures that you can work comfortably with this karambit without having to be exposed to minor injuries that might result.

The tip of this knife is reinforced and thus you can use this Emerson Folding Karambit to perform even the most challenging tasks today. The overall weight of this Emerson Folding Karambit is also slightly reduced and thus made to be a 100% quality pocket knife for either camping, fishing or even hunting.

When it comes to the handle design you will be shocked to note that this knife has an ant-slip grip knife that you can work with during any time. The blade is also made with quality material that allows it to maintain its sharp edge for the relatively long duration of time. The blade of this karambit as when compared to other karambit is incredibly sharp making to perform more and extra roles.

  • Incredibly sharp blade
  • The blade is molded from a durable steel
  • The edge of this knife is reinforce
  • The  handle is 100% as it is para cord-wrapped
  • The sheath a that comes with this knife has made storage to be very convenient
  • Weighs 3 ounces
  • When performing various roles the paracord may lead to some minor injuries

12.MASS ALONG Tactical karambit

Is the next up tool that we thought including it on this list will be doing a great favor? MASS ALONG claw Tactical karambit was featured on this list as our editors wanted to offer you with a karambit knife that you can use to handle various roles and task.

The blade of this knife features a quality serrated knife and this makes multi-functional karambit. A razor sharp edge has also turned this product into a karambit knife that you can use to perform various functions such as hunting and other self-defense functions.

MASS ALONG claw Tactical karambit is best defined by the frim fixed blade. The availability of fixed blade plays a vital role in ensuring that this knife can be used by hackers or even bush crafters.

The materials which were used by the manufacturer D2 Steel and thus you can work or handle the most challenging tasks today. You will notice that the handle of this is 11CM meaning that is relatively large as when compared to other knives. The increased length of the handle ensures that you will always enjoy quality grip. Finally, the rock well hardness of this karambit ranges between 58-60HRC.

  • Hardness 58-60HRC
  • Fixed blade and thus it can  perform a wide range  of activities
  • Increased handle length
  • Come with a blade which is serrated and thus  can be said  to be  a multifunction knife
  • Improvements can be made on the handle and blade design

13.WITH ARMOUR Folding Karambit

WITH ARMOUR Folding Karambit happens to be the next up karambit knife that you should be thinking of buying. We are almost done with our list of best karambit and we thought that ending this without something stylish will be making a huge mistake as there are karambit lovers who still have a huge scene of style and fashion. The colored karambit on this list allows you to enjoy high.

The handle of this knife is molded from compact material and thus you can even work on this knife during wet climates or even if your hand are sweaty. The blade option of this karambit is folding and thus even task that is said to be demanding can be easily taken care of.

The blade design of this karambit ensures that you can handle both light and heavy-duty cutting or fishing desires. The handle is another case that you should always consider. The lightweight nature of this handle and the blade ensures that hunting or hiking will be 100% be made easier by using this knife

Finally, the hole on the handle allows you to enjoy 100% quality grips option. The handle also allows your thumb to have somewhere to hold on when working with this product. Sharpening this WITH ARMOUR Folding Karambit is very easy as the material is a stainless steel. The satin finish that comes with this WITH ARMOUR Folding Karambit guarantee you durability and ease of use.

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • The handle is ergonomically molded
  • The plastic sheath is present
  • Multifunction karambit
  • Weighs 83Oz.

Best Karambit Buyers Guide

There are hundreds of tips that you should or that are seen to be a must consider when buying a karambit but on this list, we have included top three tips that include the blade, handle and material.


The handle of karambit knife should be 100% efficient and it should allow s you to enjoy ease working ability when using any karambit knife. The handle should also have the ability to prevent the minor accident that might arise from the karambit slipping away from your hands. Handles should  also take   a specific shape  that  allows either  right or left handled individual to work  with w the  knife with  having to  complain  about  hand blisters or fatigue


Best karambit blade should be made from the hardy material. By hardy material, we are referring to material that can or have the ability to perform high-quality tasks without exposing the blade to any condition that might lead to the blade to fold. Blade material should also be very easy to sharpen and at the same time have the ability to hold a sharp edge for a relatively long duration of time.

Material and weight

Karambit should be crafted from the durable handle and blade material. The reason why durable material should be used is to make sure that your karambit knife will be more durable and thus allowing you a better ability to work with such a knife for the relatively long duration of time. The weight of karambit should also be slightly low so as to make it easy for you to move from one area to the next with best karambit as a pocket knife.


After hours of research, we managed to come up with this detailed post about karambit knives. It is good to note that all the products listed on this page were arrived at after physically testing the individual product. In case our  editors  left  out  your  most preferred karambit knife leave  us  a comment below  and we will have it  reviewed

Lastly, we request you to consider giving the product we have recommended a  try as when you buy through our links we will get some commission a. the commission is what keeps our blog live so that in future you will be able to benefit from the new and fresh content. Happy shopping


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