7 Best otf Knife Under $100 In 2021 Reviewed

Getting only the best otf knife under 100 while on the budget today is a daunting task. Due to their unique nature, they are few in number since few companies are majoring in proceeding it.

Though otf knife under 100 is not very popular like other traditional knives they relatively efficient as they are associated with an automatic bale.

We spent more than 13o hours online counting different market platform to come up with this guide of top five best of the knife under 100 that you can give a try to this time around.  we recommend that you consider making this article your trusted otf knife under 100 resource that a will act as your guide if you are planning to procure one or even several.

Best Otf Knife Buyers Guide

#Manual OR automatic

Before proceeding to the market it is recommended that you should consider familiarizing yourself where you want a manual or an automatic knife model. today manual otf Knives are found almost everywhere in online platforms they have a single and relatively reduced button that plays a vital role in a sling the blade out of the handle.

While on automatic otf Knives are spring operated hence more efficient as a single press help to automatically slide the otf Knife   blade from the handle


When finding a prime otf Knife our experts recommend that you pick the one that comes with relatively increased handle length. The handle should also have a rough surface that will make it easy for you to work with this knife.

Having a handle that has an increased size makes it easy for you to enjoy firm grip and also make an individual with small or large hands to work comfortably with this knife.

Best otf Knife Under 100 Comparison Table

Best Otf Knife Reviews

  1. Gerber Covert Knife-Best OTF Knife

Comes with serrated blade thus making it be a multicourse knife that every outdoor enthusiast should consider having. For more than a decade now Gerber is globally known as the lord of knives.

Blade of this knife comes with a classic design that according to our experts it is a classicmodel.

The handle of this knife comes with relatively increased thus it ensures you can enjoy firm grip. Gerber Covert Knife can also be named to be an excellent utility knife as it is very easy to use when performing a wide range of practices.

Highly functional as it comes with folding nature that makes it be a perfect pocket knife. By being spring operated it allows you to be in the position of deploying it with great ease.

  • Metal blade
  • Sturdy structure
  • Sharp blade
  • lifetime guaranty
  • Locking structure can be improve
  1. Smith & Wesson-best otf knives on the market

Smith & Wesson take our number one it has reduced blade of only 3.35 inches. The blade is engineer deform a quality and quality carbon steel.

While it is associated with a quality handle that is aluminum based that makes it feel very strong on your hands.

Available of the aluminum handle ensure that both the blade and the handle are free from rust or even carrions. Smith & Wesson being a top knife procedure ensure that an otf knife will be associated with a lightweight.

By being associated with lightweight this knife meets all the specification of being an everyday carry blade.

  • 50 inches overall length
  • Aluminum handle
  • Engage a spring
  • Carbon steel
  • Weighs 3.1 pounds
  1. Schrade OTF Viper 3 – best automatic knife under 50

It comes with pointed edge thus it makes a perfect blade .it is defined by being processed using quality baled and handle material. The handle is a crafted from quality and relatively durable aluminum material thus making Schrade OTF Viper 3 to be rust free.

The blade is   Schrade OTF Viper 3 is very sharp thus ensure that you are in a position of making a clean cut throughout. 4034 stainless steel is the main a material which is used to craft this knife.

4034 steel have an increased ability to maintain the sharp blade for an increased duration of time. Metal blade ensures that you can handle even the most demanding tasks without the handle folding.

  • Metal blade
  • Sturdy structure
  • Sharp blade
  • can be a perfect pocket knife
  1. Kershaw Brawler knife-best otf knife under 50

Kershaw for decades has always been a great company that is always giving top notch. Kershaw Brawler knife otf knife is not an exception it comes with a quality handle and very sharp blade.

I feature a tanto style blade which is only 3.25 inches thus making it be very efficient.by the handle of this knife taking the shape of your hands, it ensures that you are in a better position of handling this blade for an increased duration of time

Black glass handle filled nylon scale is the main handle design that a best described this knife. Safe assisted opening option ensures that you deploying thus s knife is easy hence protecting your self-becomes very easy.

Due to its s slight weight nature, this Kershaw is reliable back baking option that. 8Cr13MoV steel is the main raw material thus it ensures that this knife has an increased ability to handle both light and heavy-duty tasks.

  • 8Cr13MoV steel
  • 3 inches blade
  • 1 inches closed length
  • Sharp blade
  • Weighs 3.9 pounds


Today  Otf knives are not as common as folding knives though they have more benefits that make them be highly recommended that the folding knives Well the prove list was what we found to be the best otf knife under 100 that our expert recommends you can consider giving them arty.

If you are an Otf knives enthusiast and you are at a crossroad not familiar with which blade to pick consider giving out guide a try.


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