7 Best Pocket Knife Under 100 In 2021 Reviewed

Best pocket knife under 100   will allow you to retain back your pocket knife taste today. And that is one of the reasons why we decided to come up with this detailed pocket knife under 100    reviews a buyer’s knife guide. Within the duration of hours we managed to interview 100 knife enthusiast and reviewed 300 hundred knives out of the three hundred knives we managed to tests 10 knives that we high.

The knives were tested by practically slicing cupboards, peeling, and bush crafting, opening boxes and skinning small game animals. After spending the 60 hours we maned to 0065trace CRKT Drifter EDC Folding Pocket Knife as the best overall pocket knife under 100. Below you will find a detailed buyers guide and comparison table.i

Best Pocket Knife Under 100 Reviews

1.      CRKT Drifter EDC Pocket Knife-crkt drifter g10

CRKT Drifter EDC Pocket Knife is the pocket knife that was found to be associated with a relatively high positive feedback.

CRKT Drifter EDC was found to have a relatively reduced size of the blade as it is only 3 inches long.

The ability of this pocket knife is easily operated with just one finger have made it be a pocket knife that can be used by either beginners or professional knife experts.

When using this pocket knife you will always enjoy quality grip due to the availability of quality and a 100% Tough G10 Handles


  • Blade Finish Titanium Nitride
  • Easy to work with due to the presence of a Blade Stud Deployment option
  • The handle is slipping free
  • The quality blade which is able to maintain a sharp edge for a longer duration of time


  • Price is relatively high
  1. Benchmade Boost 590 Knife

Benchmade Boost 590 Knife is our next up Best pocket knife under 100 we are going to be looking at today.  You will be shocked to realize that Benchmade Boost 590 Knife is associated with a quality lifetime warranty and thus you will not have to worry if the knife will ever malfunction you will get a replacement.

Benchmade Boost 590 Knife is also accompanied by other benefits such as life sharp blade program who main aim is allowing the blade o this Benchmade to remain sharp. Dual durometer handles that come with this  Benchmade Boost guarantees you a stable grip  hence  you can enjoy working  with this Benchmade Boost even if you a have extremely sweaty hands

Assisted-opening option of this knife allows you to easily work with this knife for the longest time possible. Assisted-opening option has made it easier for both kid and even professional knife enthusiastic to operate this knife safely. The total length of this blade is 8.52 inches.


  • Beautiful handle
  • German-made construction
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Level of durability is relatively high


  • weight can be modified
  1. Blue ESEE Zinced knife

Blue ESEE Zinced knife is the second knife we will be looking at  The drifter that are available on this knife have no specific roles but generally add up to making this Blue ESEE Zinced be safe and successful pocket knife.

The performance of this pocket knife under 100 is relatively hagged as the blade is coated from a quality Titanium Nitride Gray Blade Finish.

When compared to other knives this pocket knife is associated with the slightly larger handle. the blade locking system which comes with this model of  knife is  relatively  strong and thus allow s you to remain safe  when working  with  this knife  for the longest time  possible


  • AUS-8A stainless blade
  • Fantastic handmade knife
  • The blade of this pocket knife is  Highly polished
  • Solid construction option has turned this knife to be  a very  handy pocket  knife


  • When in wet conditions the blade  can rust easily
  1. Benchmade – Griptilian 551 Knife-benchmade bugout review

Well ask any knife lover and you will not that Benchmade have even in the knife industry for the longest duration of time and thus quality or even the   ova4ral performance of the knife is a guarantee.

Griptilian 551 Knife comes with a lifetime warranty an thus you can get a perfect refund or replacement in case the knife will malfunction.

The handle of this knife is the other equality factor that has allowed our editors to include tout on our list.

You will note that the quality handle allows you to enjoy holding or even working with the knife for a longer duration of time.



  • Easy to sharpen
  • Heavy-duty and very compact  blade
  • High cutting performance
  • lanyard hole of  this  pocket knife is Brass reinforced


  • The overall knife weighs 2 ounces
  1. Sanrenmu Pocket EDC Folding Knife

Are you new to pocket knives and now you to a looking for a pocket knife which you can purchase even if you are on a very tight budget you will love the overall structure of this blade?

Handles:This Sanrenmu Pocket EDC Folding Knife has a handle of 12.87 mm as the thickness. Hence this Sanrenmu Pocket knife which takes up folding design is normally very easy to have tight grip for both large and small hands. The handle material is also strong and very reliable 3Cr14N material

Blade:The blade takes up a folding design thus you can use it as an everyday carry pocket knife. By bowing on 77 mm as the overall length of the blade you can use this knife as an EDC pocket knife. The blade is also associated with the better ability to maintain a sharp edge for the longest time possible.


  • Quality blade material
  • Easy to use
  • Quality improved  Sharp Workhouse
  • Sharpening this knife is very easy
  • Associated with a reliable handle material


  • 17oz happens this knife’s overall weight
  • More comfortable handle material can be used up
  1. ANVIL BLADESMITHS -best fixed blade edc knife under 100

Can ordinary pocket knife overpower or will they overpower you? Today through this review you will realize that ANVIL BLADESMITHS have brought hope to both small and large handed pocket knife lovers.

The overall design of both the blade and the handle is  technology based  and   at  the same  time  cater for your traditional  knife  desires at the same  time   due to the presence of the  outstanding traditional handle design

Quality blade

The blade of this knife is molded from 440C Blade Steel and thus you are guaranteed to enjoy things like durability and the extremely high performance. Blade length is minimum and thus easier to perform relatively increased numbered activities at ago

Quality handle

Lanyard Hole is present thus allows you to enjoy more comfortable grip while a quality Black knife Sheath is Included and thus improving is storage ability and also the ability to be moved from position to another more easily.


  • High Quality
  • Long lasting
  • 100% Comfortable when working with
  • Well balanced handle and blade weight


  • My rust frequently
  1. Cudeman Survival Fixed Blade Knife -cold steel edc

Cudeman Survival Fixed Blade Knife is the next up pocket knife that we will be looking at today. This Cudeman Survival Knife comes from a well-known knife and bale manufacturing industry that has been on the knife industry for a relatively long period of time.

Blade: The blade of This Cudeman Survival Knife is only 15cm as the overall knife length hence e you can use it to cater for other roles such as bush crafting or even skinning.

MOLYBDENUM VANADIUM is the material which the designer of this knife used as it has relatively increased the material hardness of 54/56 HRC.  The blade of t is knife is also well protected a there is not only a black but a stylish leather sheath.

The handle: You will agree with me that blade with q a quality sheath and blade should also be having a quality and anti-slip grip handle that you can even work with during the most challenging climates. Well, then this pocket knife is powered by a professional micrata handle it also has some quality liners that help you to feel 100% compatible.


  • The edge of this knife is razor sharp
  • 100% comfortable to work with
  • Associated with an overall light in weight nature
  • The blade and handle material is of  high quality


  • Feels cheap on your hand
  1. Spyderco Manx 2 -edc fixed blade carry options

If you are pocket knife guy or everything thing about pocket knives motivates you-you must be familiar with Spyderco knives and that is why investing your money on this list is not a  waste.

After you purchase this knife you will realize that in Spyderco is only the knife company where perfecting in either pock knife, hiking or even hunting knife meets durability and relatively friendly prices.

In case you are yet not convinced that this is the right pocket knife for you consider looking at the e= material which’s used to come up with the blade material and you will reconsider purchasing this  knife. The blade material is   good enough as it is a blade to maintain sharp grip for the longest time possible.


  • Impressively sharp blade
  • The blade is associated with solid and quality  construction
  • It is in a better position of maintaining a sharp edge for the  longest time  possible
  • Comfortable to hold


  • The edge of this  Spyderco if not take care of can  rust
  1. Spyderco Para 3 Folder

Adequate blade strength which is made possible by the AUS-8A stainless blade ensure that you can effectively cater for both heavy and light duty tasks. Characterized by the quality handle and blade material.  Quality glass breaker is also present

Having an American made knife is one benefit as after purchasing the knife you will have it shipped to your doorstep the next morning. Comes with a quality stone finish option.  You will also love the folding blade design as it makes it easy for you even when backpacking.

The blade of this knife is modeled did from quality 154 cm steel and thus it sale to maintain the sharp cutting edge for a longer duration of time.  The quality steel allow s you to easily sharpening this knife easily without huge struggles.


  • brown G-10 handle
  • Comes with a quality pocket clip
  • Comfortable handle
  • Marble Carbon Fiber
  • CPM S35VN blade steel


  • Total weight 4 ounces
  • Frequent sharpening is required
  1. KIZER Knives Pocket Knife

Every one desires to have a knife that he or she can use in case of an accident to free or from eating belts. And that is why we brought you this quality KIZER Knives Pocket Knife. The very first thing you will note about this pocket knife is that the ergonomic design of both the handle and the blade

The blade material I heat treated and thus you can use this KIZER Knives Pocket Knife to perform even the most demanding task. 3.5″ VG10 is the primary blade material and it gives this pocket knife a quality and ever sharp edge.  Sharpening this product is also relatively very easy.

The handle material is G10/Blade Material and thus it has turned this knife to be completely easy to work with as you will always enjoy an anti-slip grip always. The material or blade material is associated with stainless steel origin hence this knife is able to be free from rust or other harsh climatic condition that might lead to rust


  • Quality blade material
  • The handle is very comfortable
  • Sharpening this knife is relatively easy
  • Tree from collusion or even rust due to the stainless  steel nature


  • 1 ounces  weight


Unlike basic or common pocket knives that are neither stylish noir high performing this list included high perming pocket knives that have a very attractive appearance. By outing, the above pocket knives are 100% certain that you will like the third high perfuming ability

Lastly, you should note that you are the one who will be using the knife and that is why we highly recommend our reader to give their taste and preference the first priority. Secondly purchasing the above knives through our links allows   earn some few bucks and that is entirely what keep us motivate and moving. Happy shopping.


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