7 Best Concealed Carry Fighting Knife In 2021 Reviewed


best self defense fixed blade knife  can be hard to find in today’s world. As more manufacturers have flooded the market. for the past decade finding a quality knife used to be a very easy task but due to evolution of technology finding only quality and reliable pocket knife tends to be relatively challenging experience.

After counting the web we are confident that finding quality pocket knife can be a challenging task. Therefore we spent more than 43 hour of videography and video editing to come up with this review.

best self defense fixed blade knife comparison table

Most people think that only fixed blade knives can be used can be an everyday carry bald but t have you ever considered giving folding knives a try. Well if not I guess this post will create more love for both folding and fixed blade knives.

All the way from spyderco, Kershaw to after going through various market environment we are convince that there are more knives brand that you can choose from. Read on to discover top ten concealed carry best fighting knife that are worth your money and also giving arty .

Protecting your self should be your main goal if you are not planning to e victim. Having quality fighting knife play a vital role as people fear knives as they fear guns. Due to this reason we went into deep reach that we hope it will help you to procure a prime.

Best Fighting Knife

Before coming with the below suggestion we made sure that all of our picks we not against any state law. Want a have or a light weight knife? Could be you prefer folding to fixed blade knives. well we spent more time going into deep research that will allows you to be procedure prime pocket knife that is worth giving try. Concealed carry best fighting knife are associated with different prices, you can either get a very expensive knife or a relatively cheap knife. Keep reading for more important information of concealed carry fighting knife

Best concealed carry knife

1) schrade neck knife-best small tactical fixed blade

Well at our number one we have this quality knife that comes with a fixed blade. Having 2 sub cutting makes it to be very efficient. Schrade neck knife comes with quality round hole on it handle thus makes it easy for you to enjoy affirm grip. The holes also ensure that the knife remain in place when not in use.

The  8cr13mov is the main material that is used to manufacture this knife. Quality belt sheath which is manufactured from Thermoplastic material makes it easy for you to enjoy from grip without exposing yourself from exposing you hand to fatigue.

⦁ Light in weight
⦁ Blade length: 1.90 inch
⦁ Finger Hole
⦁ Carbon stainless steel
⦁ none

2) Spyderco Delica 4

Most people have the wrong thought that only automatic knife make a good perfect knife. Well we have this Spyderco Delica that is associated with quality and manual option.

Despite having manual blade opening option this knife is characterized by super fine handle which ensure the knife never slips away from your hand. Another reason why this knife managed to find it way here is that it has a very sharp blade which is very easy to use.

Blade is coated suing an anti-rust material which makes it every easy for you to work with Blade Shape of this knife Drop Point thus it ensure inflict quality harm to you attacker .available of  Lock Back option on your blade ensure that you are safe when carrying or even using this knife.

⦁ Lock Back
⦁ Light in weight
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ quality handle design
⦁ none


3) TOPS Mini Bowie-best knife for knife fighting

Bowie s knives are known to be associated with relatively increased size but hi TOPS Mini Bowie is prime game changer.1095 is the material that is expertly used to manufacture this material .

Quality handle that ensure you enjoy fine grip make it easy for you to enjoy working with this tool. It comes with a compact size that –lace you in position of enjoying an easy way of operating with this knife .

A light weight is another quality feature that allowed d us to feature this knife in our list. Well

⦁ Light in weight
⦁ USA made
⦁ Zinc Oxide coating thus free
⦁ Stainless materials
⦁ slight costLY



The blade of this knife can only be described as serrated edge blade thus it is a multipurpose knife. it comes with light weight and relatively strong blade that provide you with all the self-defense you ever wished to get in simple knife. titanium carbonitride material is used to coat this kn

ife thus increases the durability and strength of this knife. VG-10 Stainless material is used to craft the blade of this knife.

As we know VG-10 Stainless is both water and stain resistant. The appearance of this knife is also nice thus it ensure it is associated with improved performances.

⦁ Rockwell Hardness
⦁ Titanium carbonitride blade coated
⦁ Rust free
⦁ Easy to conceal
⦁ Weight about 3 oz.

5) Kershaw Cryo Knife-best pure fighting knife

Having a self-defense knife that cannot stand most of the battles that you encounter during most of you trail trips can be very challenging.

We should say thanks to this top knives.

We all love that feeling of having comfortable knife. Well as for this so brand it has g1o handle.

And weight of only 1.6ouches making be a perfect match for every day carry.

I. Crafted from stainless steel
II. Easy to use and also Rust free
III. Feel strong on you as it has a G1o handle
IV. Compatible with both small and big hands
⦁ none

7)Sog G10 Knife

Comes with a quality handle that can only be referred to as G10 handle. This option places you in an improved position of being able to deal with various hard climatic conditions.

Coming with a relatively reduced size this place places you in better position of being able to handle .comes with quality sheath that places you in an improved position.

The sheath play vital role by ensuring that you are safe position and you are free from minor injuries that might result when working with this knife

I. Quality handle
II. Easy to use
III. Stainless material
I. Handle can be improved


Spyderco or commonly known pacific salt knife is a prime knife brand that you should consider giving a try.

For more than a have lived to give us quality and hit knife option that help you to offer your self-defense.

Comes with a hole on the blade that makes opening this knife to be very easy.
the material which is used to engineer this knife is Tested for both quality and durability thus this knife will offer you all.

Titanium clip is also preset thus it make it easy for you to carry this knife. A quality and relatively handle is available thus you can use this knife even in areas that have wet or even hot climate


⦁ Titanium clip
⦁ Light in weight
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Quality warranty

⦁ blade can be improved


8) ESEE Candiru-best small fixed blade knife

candiru I s well know n for having a light weight nature and a relatively skeletonized. By having a light weight of 1.6 ouches only this blade qualifies to be an everyday carry knife. The handle of this knife. It allows you even to be in an improved position of modifying it to match you handle specifications.

If you are looking for a quality knife to cater for you. Every one need a quality product which can last for a relatively increased duration of time.

well with this knife it is not different as it is manuftured from a realatiely compact material that ensure you are in an improved position of getting the real taste of you knife preference

⦁ Light in weight
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Quality handle
⦁ free from rust
⦁ Blade can be made to be more stable


9) Spyderco Ark

Well this is another quality blade that managed to find its way in our list of best Concealed carry best fighting knife. Spyderco is quality knife brand that since it was introduced into the market has never failed offered us with unconditional benefits.

Well the handle of Spyderco Ark is realatiely stable. Well after.it I associated with a quality and Ark fixed blade. That ensure you are enjoying firm grip.

Fiberglass reinforced quality handle is also assisted with the blade thus it makes it this Spyderco to feel compact while on you hand.

Overall length of Spyderco Ark is err efficient thus it allows you to make use of this knife more easily without having to struggle. The blade of this knife is also relatively  plain blade thus making it easier for you to use this knife.

⦁ Small yet
⦁ Machined blade
⦁ Fiberglass reinforced handle
⦁ None due to the mazing price


10) Buck ranger

want a knife that allows to have a true feeling of tradition al knife and naturally can’t find any . Well this blade is relatively different from other baled on this list. Comes with quality 420HC as the main raw material that is used to manufacture this knife.

By being an appropriate knife to cater for both wide and short hands this knife ensure that you will offer yourself all the self-defense you ever wished to enjoy in simple fighting knife .

The wood handle ensure that very individual can use this knife even in areas that are associated with relatively harsh climatic condition. When listing various small traditional knife s that you should give a try you should not forget this knife.

⦁ Small in size
⦁ Compact design
⦁ Wood handle
⦁ 420HC steel blade
⦁ Free from rust
⦁ none


Kershaw ken onion is another fighting knife that you can easily find. Coming up with decision of picking the right pocket knife can be very challenging task that.

Therefore we spent more hours to ensure that you are in better position of picking the most efficacy fighting knife. In order for this knife to make it in.

Our list of every day carry and best concealed fighting we hand to ensure that it cones with light weight. Comes with a relatively overall weight of about 7.85 inches which is backed up by quality handle.

The handle of this knife in crafted form an aluminum material which allows it to feel strong on your hands.

⦁ 14C28N Stainless
⦁ Light weight
⦁ Has a Drop Blade Type
⦁ Rust resistant and ha  speed blade safe opener
⦁ None


12) GERBER SWAGGE-survival combat knives

This is another quality knife which can be used as fighting knife. It comes as a sister opening which have a relatively.

It characteristic by light and quality blade that is able to maintain its sharpeners for an increased duration of time. Having spring assisted blade make it to be a great every day carry and also as a very efficient utility knife that you should have.

The handle of this knife is relatively light in weight. Soft upper covering of tis handle make it to be great option of fighting knife.

The rough surface makes are that the knife will never slip away from your hands when using it.an blade of 3.25 inches have an increased ability of inflict huge damage to your opponent .

⦁ Light in weight
⦁ Quality blade
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Easy to clean
⦁ None

Wrap up

After spending hour online we managed to come up with this list of Concealed carry best fighting knife that you should give it a try. If you have plans of protecting yourself then you might considers giving our above suggestions a try. Happy shopping as you consider our above product suggestions


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