7 Best Fastest Assisted Opening Knife In 2021 Reviewed

Fastest assisted opening knife makes you a perfect everyday tool that you depend on la allay the challenging situations. They are associated with a relatively fast opening and a responsive blade that makes them be very easy to deploy.

Fastest assisted opening knife ensure that less time I used when trying to pen their blade. Today, therefore, lots of new and old models of assisted opening knives that you can give try to. The assisted opening knife is associated with different prices.Though there is the very model of assisted opening knives they are normally preferred as they are more efficient and also associated with increased speed.

Due to their compact design these blade place you in an improved position of being able to handle yourself in a vitriol challenge situations that you should consider give arty.We spent over 35 hours filtering over millions of such model that are a variable in different market platforms to come up with our detailed buyer’s guide which will act as an s  guide is you are looking for greatly assisted opening knife this season.

Before we  get started  by looking  at various  individual  blades  let’s  look at various features that we are supposed  to give   a try  or  even  check before commencing on picking  the most  appropriate or the  most efficient Fastest assisted opening

Reviews:7 Best Fastest assisted opening knife In 2021 Reviewed

1.Kershaw Scallion-best assisted opening knife

Having a just any Fastest assisted opening knife is one thing but having a really efficient knife is a great step and it is recommended that you should consider giving this knife. 420HC stainless steel was the material that I was sufficiently used to engineer this knife.

420HC stainless steel makes this blade to lightweight and also very durable. Coming from top knife engineers this Kershaw Scallion matches a perfect.

due to its perfect and compact nature, this knife makes a good knife portion for backpackers, hunters and even gardens as the blades crafted from quality a and durable.

The lightweight nature places you in an improved position including this bald in your everyday carry list. Glass-filled nylon handle makes you be very comfortable when working with this blade as it offers you a quality and anti-slip grip.

  • 420HC stainless steel blade
  • Classic black
  • Speed Safe opening option
  • Compact design
  • The handle can be  modified

2.Zero Tolerance Unisex-best assisted opening tactical knife

Zero Tolerance is another quality knife that is associated with a lightweight nature. S350V stainless steel is the steel which is used to craft this knife.G-10 handle allows you to enjoy anti-slip grip which ensure you’re the blade productivity is very high.  EDC folding design ensures that you can use as a pocket knife.

S350V stainless is that e main steel that is issued to craft this knife thus sit allows it to be very durable maleate as it allows you to perform the even heavy-duty task.The blade is associated with drop point model thus can perform I even the most demanding tasks.The diamond-like carbon material is used to effectively come up with cool handle design which guarantees you an anti-slip grip.

  • S350V stainless
  • Diamond-like carbon
  • Lightweight
  • EDC folding design
  • none

3.Benchmade Osborne-best self defense knife

Benchmade is a reliable knife designing and manufacturing company that has been around for more than a decades now.154CM Stainless quality steel is used to cart the baked as it has increased the ability to mainline sharp edge for an increased duration of time. It has Ambidextrous Thumb-Studs which ensure that you only enjoy an anti-slip grip.

Mini-Drop Point blade design model was the main model which was used to engineer this blade thus it makes it be a very efficient Mini-Drop Point Mini-Drop Point assisted opening knife.

Being associated with a quality blade that can only be described as anti-slip grip ensure that perform the various task with this knife for an increased duration of time without exposing your hard to antique. Benchmade Osborne also tends to maintain a sharp blade for a longer duration of time for more time without having to sharpen the knife time after time.

  • 154CM Stainless Steel
  • Mini-Drop Point blade model
  • Lightweight
  • Folding blade
  • Easy to sue

4.Columbia River Knife

VIEW ON AMAZON6061 Aluminum is a quality material which is used to make the handle of this knife. Having an aluminum handle ensure that a knife feels strong in your hand.Aluminum material is also known for its ability to maintain a quality and very sharp edge for more time. The blade opening mechanism that was used when designing this knife is Fire Safe opening which is very efficient.

The other reason why we included this blade on this list is that the handles crafted in a nice way that ensure your fingers and hand fit on the handle more easily.This blade only weights 4.2oz thus it makes it is a great every carry knife that you should consider giving a try. Assisted and quality opening mechanism ensure that you are safe when using this knife as a pocket knife

  • Safe opening mechanism
  • blade material is AUS 8 stainless steel
  • resistant coating
  • folding blade design
  • Weight 4.2oz;

5.SOG Twitch II

We could be committing a crime by not saying something about SOG.  this is quality assisted opening knife company that has never failed to surprise us with new models day in day out and even year after year.

SOG have well-trained staff who always do their best to offer us very competitive knives brand.This feature a quality an Aluminum Handle which allows us to enjoy a firm grip.Aluminum Handle also to a great event ensure that you will have a strong feeling when using this knife as it is associated with an anti-slip grip.AUS-8 steel is the material which was used to engineer this blade.

  • AUS-8 steel
  • Aluminum Handle
  • graphite finish handle
  • folding blade
  • weight 56 ounces

Fastest Assisted Opening Knife Buyers Guide


A quality or the fastest assisted opening knife should come with a quality handle design that offers you an anti-slip grip.  The handle material should prevent exposing your hands to fatigue. Handle material also ought nature that will make you work the knife more easily with the tour the knife slipping from your hand.


The Fastest assisted opening knife should have a quality blade that is manufactured from a quality and stainless material. Ten blades should also be in an improved position of being able to handle even heat duty task, the blade should.

Lightweight design

Since fastest assisted opening knife are meant to be deployed quickly they should be associated with alight weight design that will make them be a perfect match of your everyday tool.


Durability another vital feature that you should consider before making any purchase is the durability of the overall knife. Going for more durable knife will place you in an improved position of being bale. Durable blade save your money and time and also allows you to enjoy the real value of your money.

Wrap Up

That was our derailed buyer’s guide that we expertly selected after spinning hundreds of minutes scouring the internet and contacting individual product manufactures .

if this post was helpful or if it played any role in allowing you to find your most preferred Fastest assisted opening knife to consider sharing this post or even leaving us a comment.

There are also open positions if you would like to write for considering giving our suggested fastest assisted opening knife a try. Happy shopping.



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