Tanto Knife-Top 10 2021

Tanto Knife is the only existing knife brands that are characterized by a dagger-like an appearance. This article you will find a well-detailed list of top ten tanto knife all over the world. Some of the tanto knives we include in this review have quality and a   relatively long period of use in the military and other special force in the United States and even in other military organizations all over the globe.

Looking to Tanto knife history you will realize that they are Japanese swords that are traditionally made. During the olden days, tanto knives were commonly worn by a feudal class of samurai in Japan. Through the research, we conducted Tanto knife are date back to the time of Heian period.

Best Tanto knives

For decades Tanto knife was used as a quality weapon but since then they have turned to be more ornate due to evolution. Initially or rather traditionally Tanto knife was used specifically during (tantojustu) commonly known as martial arts traditional. Due to the modernization of this knife, there have been a huge resurgence and this knife have seen then been used either as a stabbing or piercing tool. Either way, you will need a quality Tanto Knife to perform either everyday home utility tasks, campsite or even military cutting duties.

Tanto Knife Reviews

  1. Cold Tanto blade

Cold Tanto knife happens a knife that was found to be associated with. The cold which is quality company has done it cold to preset this knife for us today.in case you are stranded and not knowing which Tanto Fixed knife to take than were are glad to portent to you this Cold Tanto knife.

Cold knife comes with very powerful quality handle and thus you can use this knife without the blade to slip off your hands. The quality of the material used to make this to be heavy duty knife that you can use to handle any task either hunting, self-defense or hunting. 11.88 inches ensure that   you can handle any type of task

The knife is backed up by a quality warranty that guarantees you quality time when working. The process that was used to come up with this Tanto Fixed knife can only be said to be 100% unique manufacturing processes. During the construction process, Cold Steel employed well-trained experts and thus gives you very high performing Cold Steel tanto knife

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Anti-slip quality rubber handle
  • Multifunctioning knife as you can use it for batoning or even carving wood
  • extremely high  perming knife in both  wet and  also cold conditions
  • Not full tang
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces
  1. Katana Tanto knife-authentic japanese tanto

Katana Tanto knife happens to be the second knife model of the knife which was found to among the quality tanto knife option. One of the main and most common reason why this knife was featured on this  list   that our editors  are  familiar with  facts such as  every  moment while in  the  wilderness  can turn out to be  a survival moment  and you will be  required to have  a weapon or  knife  that  you can deploy easily  and that is why we are gladly  recommending  this Katana Tanto knife.

Katana Tanto knife is one of the quality knife hats comes from a 100% an American company that gives your lifetime warranty on every Katana Tanto knife you purchase. Katana employs people who are passionate about knife making and this feature alone guarantee you both durable and high performing knife.

19.6 inch happens to be the overall knife quality. Looking closely at the anatomy of this knife you will realize that Katana Tanto knife it I really a quality survival knife.  The   overall weight of this tanto knife is only 2.2lbs and thus you can move comfortably from one place to another carrying this knife the material which was used to come up with w the designs of t this tanto knife is   quality rosewood material another side a stainless steel material was used to molded the material used as the fitting material.

  • Great performance
  • Associate with quality anti-slip grip knife handle
  • Rosewood handle and thus less heavy
  • Copper sheet was used as the  fitting material
  • 2lbs is the  overall weight
  1. Benchmade Griptilian Knife -tanto pocket knife

Benchmade Griptilian Knife is the other quality tanto knife that comes from  Benchmade if you have noted our review trend were normally aimed at offering you a list of quality knives are our main aim is to offer quality information and also provide our readers with quality information.

We can also make a conclusion that this knife is modeled using a sharp edge which is super sharp and thus will always allow you to 100%  enjoy a clean cut. In case you are having a plan of saving some few dollars and ta the same time purchase a durable and high performing blade then we are glad to present this Benchmade Griptilian Knife to you.

Black Handle is relatively comfortable and thus you can work with this blade for a relatively long duration of time without complaining or hand or fingers fatigue.

The blade of this knife has a tanto origin and also it is 100% Black Coated Steel Blade and finally this w Benchmade Griptilian Knife has Fine Edge that is capable of maintaining the sharp edge for the relatively long duration of time. When you purchase this type of a knife you will enjoy services such LifeSharp knife program and repairs in case this knife will fail to perform as you had expected when purchasing this knife.

  • Excellent performance
  • quality knife handle which is 100% anti-slip grip
  • Rosewood handle
  • Copper sheet is present area handle  material fitting material
  • The weight of this  knife should be  modified
  1. SOG Tech Bowie

We had to include a tanto knife that is designed by two major beasts in the field of knife manufacturing. We are all familiar with SOG knives and thus quality and performance are guaranteed. 1095 Crow-van quality steel was the blade material and thus you can use this SOG Tech Bowie to perform any task. The availability of a fixed blade knife that is associated with a quality sheath  and the  main role  of   this sheath is  to make the  knife to be  compatible  with  molle  attachment

The sharpness of this tanto knife is 100% enhanced by the chromium and vanadium that if professionally introduced on the blade of this knife.as   an addition. The blade is also characterized by black oxide coating and the main role is to keep this tanto knife away from rust and also to maintain its high performance. The black coating also has made this knife to be associated with durability and relatively high corrosion resistance.

Apart from being a full tang knife, you will also realize that there are quality slim brass guard which are curved and located between the handle and the blade and thus your fingers are protected from the sharp blade. The blade guard also allows you to feel more comfortable when working with this knife.

  • Durable leather sheath
  • Quality and Superb sharp edge
  • The blade is smoothly polished
  • Stylish ergonomic handle
  • Relatively Expensive
  1. HX outdoors tanto blade knife

HX outdoors tanto blade knife is the other quality knife that was able to professionally secure position on our expert list of selected tanto knife. HX outdoors tanto blade knife comes with a quality handle design which when not in use or during storing or even transporting is storied in quality a leather sheath. G10 Handle which is present allows you to enjoy working with this knife as you are guaranteed 100% anti-slip grip by the G10 Handle.

Choose a tanto blade which is 8.8-Inch Overall allows you to perform even the most demanding task more easily.  Having a relatively increased blade make very easy for you to handle even the most or heavy duty task with great ease.

The steel grade of the material that was used to manufacture the blade has a hardness of 58HRC Blade. Also unlike other tanto blades, this knife is best described by the Flat Handle material and thus you will feel more comfortable even if it means working with this Flat Handle material all day long. Finally, the if you are tanto knife  lover and you are after a blade that  is very easy to   store or even  transport then this is the  right  option  for you as it only weights  156 g

  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Quality and durable sheath
  • This handle take up a D2 steel Shape
  • Quality Clip point blade Grind
  • 156 g overall or weight
  1. Rough Rider Stacked Tanto knife -traditional japanese tanto

Rough Rider Stacked Tanto knife happens to be the other quality knife we are reviewing on our website today. Roughrider is well known across this product is also defined the quality and high-class appearance of the handle and the blade of the knife if you will a try to get any information.

I   you a are that outdoor persons and you are looking a great knife option that you can use to handle various tasks either camping knife or even hunting then this Rough Rider Stacked Tanto knife should be the knife that you are planning to purchase.

Rough Rider is a quality knife that is defined as Stacked Tanto knife as the long blade of this beast is professionally sand wished between two quality handle sizes and thus it allows you to feel complexly comfortable. By also the handle of this tanto quality being made from a slightly lighter material it ensures that you are in a position of being able to enjoy performing various duties either in your home or in   your favorite’s hunting grounds

  • Lightweight
  • Associated with a professional handle which is very easy to work with
  • Very affordable price
  • Associated with a superb craftsmanship
  • A high-quality leather sheath should  also be present
  • Should be modified to achieve a  full tang
  1. CRKT EDC Pocket Folding Knife

CRKT EDC Pocket Folding Knife is designed by Vine Grove and the company is located in Kentucky that takes up the tanto blade design. CRKT EDC Pocket Folding Knife comes from an American company and he is a perfect guarantee of factors such the overall knife performance .what   will make this tanto knife to be different from other knives on this list is the serrated blade option.

By the availability of serrated blade potion, it has mad this knife to be even in a position of being used a saw during survival periods. Razor sharp edge present gives you a better ability to be able to re-sharpen this time using both manual and automatic knife sharpening options the blade is coated by quality material black material. The pivot of this knife is powered by a Teflon bearing and thus you can use one or two hands to close the knife more smoothly

The roles of the black coating are to keep this knife from harmful conditions such as rusting or even collusion. After conducting some research on the negative impact of rust on any steel we realized that rusting causes in a decline of both the performance and the overall durability and that is CRKT EDC Pocket Folding Knife blade was designed from a quality blade.

  • High-quality black durable blade
  • This blade has a better ability to be re-sharpened easily
  • Comes with a quality handle designs
  • Folding knife thus qualifies to be a quality pocket knife
  • 24 ounces overall weight
  1. Benchmade – Barrage Tanto Knife

Benchmade barrage tanto knife is the other quality knife that we thought including it on our list of best products will be doing our leaders a great favor. Benchmade barrage tanto comes from Benchmade and this resin alone you will enjoy lifetime warranty and other services such as knife sharpening and knife reaper you will ever be interested in getting or even enjoying such service from Benchmade.

The material that was used to make this knife is a  154CM stainless steel and the stainless nature of this s material w ensure that the knife will remain to be free from rust. Having a blade that is free roust plays batter roles even in environments that might cause rust. Such a  baked is also safe to work with as in ace you experience minor accident you will not be exposed to tetanus which might end up messing with your overall health. We also made a decision of using quality Valox handle.

The ability of this knife to be one-handed operate have made it a quality knife you can easily deploy this knife in case of an emergency. Tanto blade that used up when coming with the   Benchmade barrage has turned it to be perfect.  LifeSharp Service which comes together with the lifetime warry ensure that the blade of your Benchmade barrage is well maintained

  • LifeSharp Service
  • Knives are sold by authorized dealer only
  • Opened and closed quickly
  • razor-sharp and along the lasting edge is present
  • The exposed pommel and thus it acts a quality knife guard
  • Handle at a time can feel to be relatively uncomfortable due to the presence of rough material
  • 4 ounces total weight
  1. MONT5 Damascus steel B07H56WJ4Z

We had to include one or two Damascus steel that is how this MONT5 was featured in this list. If you have been in the knife industry for some time you might be familiar with Damascus knives and if no we are glad to inform you that MONT5 Damascus Steel is a very powerful knife which is equivalent to Benchmade knives or even Spyderco knives. MONT5 Damascus Steel is 100% defined by the lightweight handle which is very easy to work with.

The MONT5 Damascus steel is also a handmade knife and thus you can use it combat knife. By being a handmade knife you can perform a wide range of activities using handmade knives are also high performing as they well never fold regardless of the activity you are performing using the knife. The total length of this knife is 13 inches.

Comparing the blade of this knife with knives such as Benchmade or Spyderco you will quickly note that it handles is relatively longer and more compact. This nature this blade ensure that you will always enjoy firm grip. The compact blade and the quality microdata handle have made it possible for you to enjoy services such as trapping, wood cutting, skinning, and even wood carving. Damascus steel tanto knife is Ideal for various groups of people such as Hunters, outdoor or sports enthusiasts to hikers.

  • Multifunctioning knifed
  • Quality microdata handle thus you will always enjoy an anti-slip grip
  • Quality knife have turn edit to a Survival Knife
  • 1095 is the steel used
  • The weight of this MONT5 Damascus steel is 8 ouches
  1. KA1245-BRK black Tanto

KA1245-BRK black Tanto happens to take number ten of our best tanto blades today. The shape of this knife can only be associated with an Asian influence. Unlike other tanto blades, you will be shocked to realize that KA1245-BRK has a pointed blade which is thick and this feature alone has made it be very efficient when it comes to penetration.

Another positive benefit of this knife is that the handle is associated with a nylon sheath which is glass-filled and this has made this blade to be classified amongst the blades which are both high performing and 100% durable. By being an American made knife is goatee that the knife is of high quality.

A quality and relatively hard MOLLE which is both plastic and compatible with various types of the sheath is present and thus moving with this knife have been made possible. 1095 Cro-Van is the primary blade material that was used up by the designed or KA1245-BRK knife. While the blade length is only8 inches it has an overall length of 12 inches and thus making it To be a high performer.

  • High-quality blade  with  an overall length of  8 inches
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anti-slip grip handle
  • Superb craftsmanship
  • 3 pounds  weight

Best Tanto Knife Buyers Guide

Blade:When choosing a quality tanto knife one of the major issues that you should consider being familiar is the nature of tanto knife blade, the blade should be molded from a high-quality material that is a bit easy to sharpen and also free from rust. Having a tanto blade that is best defined by stainless steel will make it easier to enjoy the real value of your money.

Handle:Tanto knives since they are defined by quality blade you should make sure that the handle into which the blades is the machine is quality enough to support the blade. In regard to that, it recommends that you go for tanto blade that has rubber, G10 or any other handle material which is a blade to withstand harsh climate and thus remaining in a position of being free from slipping away from your hands.

Blade material and   weight:The blade material of a   tanto knife should be from a high carbon steel material. this type of steel is associated with extra hardness and to a greater extent it ensures that your knife will hold a sharp edge for the longer duration of time .steel is one of the materials is highly after by rust and therefore you should consider integration a black coating which is commonly known as DLC anti-corrosive. This DLC anti-corrosive coating which is black in color apart from keeping the tanto blade from rust it also improves the durability of your knife.


After taking 34 hours online selecting the above tanto knives from millions of such knives present on different market platforms we can confidently confirm that you will not only enjoy their performance but also their overall durability power.

Cold Tanto Knife was the knife that was found to be extremely outstanding of the 10 tanto knives reviewed above. What made it be featured as our editor’s tanto knife pick is the nature of both the handle and the blade design .finally we are humbly asking you to consider sharing this post with another tanto knife enthusiastic in your area. Happy shopping


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