What Knife Do Navy Seals Use? In 2021 Reviewed

What knife do navy seals use?  Well, this is a question that most people all over the world have a huge interest in as navy seal has shown their ability to be able to fight and access the most remote environments all over the globe. For more than a decade, navy seals have been used to access the most challenging climates and situations in the world. All the way from boot, guns, knives to backpack navy seal are well known for using the most advanced tools.

What Knife Do Navy Seals Use
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What knife do navy seals useEither you are hunter, fisherman or just aback packer you will need a quality knife that you will at one-time use in your life. Even if you are just a driver or a homeowner looking for a quality knife that you can use to either loosen our seat belt or even provide yourself with self-defense means.

On this review, we have included a list of quality knives that navy seals use. All the knives on this list were expertly selected on the   basis   of their overall performance and durability all the   knives on this list were expertly selected on the basis of their efficiency

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1. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight – Our Top pick 

Ka-Bar for more than a decade has been one of the leading knives manufactures all over the globe and this is why we decide to include it on our number one. Due to the overall efficiency of this knife, you will be shocked by how this knife can perform and that is why all knife lover refers it to be a classic weapon that you should procure.

What Knife Do Navy Seals Use
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You will be shocked by the firm blade material which was used to model this knife. Ka-Bar has been  seen  to be  the  most outstanding knife  used by a navy seal as the   material   used allows this knife  to remain  strong  even when used in environments that expose it to   harsh conditions  such as  rust.it also 100% efficient  as  it  has 11.875 inches as the overall  length

The handle of this knife is made from a quality material which allows it to remain on your hands regardless of the prevailing climatic condition. The handle of this Ka-Bar also allows this knife to fit on your hand more comfortably regardless of whether you have small, right, large or small hands.

  • 100% Leather Sheath
  • Quality grip
  • Sharpening this blade is very easy
  • More durable as  to when compared to another fighting knife
  • Weighs 2 ounces

2. Schrade Drop-Point Fixed Blade Knife-Best Knife Used By Navy Seals To Buy

Schrade Drop-Point Fixed Blade Knife is the other quality knife we thought could effectively meet the qualification of answering the question what knife do navy seals use.

What Knife Do Navy Seals Use
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In case  you are out there  looking for a knife  that  you can  really on  fully either   as a worthy outdoor or  just a survival knife  then  this is  the  knife   that you have been  looking for  a blade which is  excellent  for  urban carry    this allows you to be  in potion  of  working with this  knife  for the  longest  duration of  time . The next up feature that is highly recommended.

The blade of this knife is also made from quality material which working with have been made very easy as it has a better ability to maintain a sharp cutting edge for the longest period of time. Multi-Carrying this knife is also very easy to seal team tend to access the most challenge climates and that is why this knife comes with an Option and a quality Kydex Belt Sheath.

  • Kydex Belt Sheath
  • Drop Point Blade with Jimping
  • Multi-Carry Option
  • 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • 37 pounds weight

3.Ka-Bar Extreme Fighting Knife-Best Knife Used By Navy Seals For The Money

What Knife Do Navy Seals Use

Ka-Bar Extreme Fighting Knife is one of the most interesting. This is the other quality knife that you should be looking forward to this time around. This is a quality knife that comes from well-trained staff who have made knives for decades.

The next up thing that you should consider is the quality of the material that was used to manufacture. You will also fall in love with the quality sheath that comes with this knife. The overall design is also very pleasing and thus you can work with this knife even in presence of your friends.

Full tang blade design of this blade and thus you can work with it for a relatively long duration of time. The full tang blade also is characterized by a quality stonewash finish and thus it keeps this baked away from harsh conditions such a rust which might end up influencing the overall performance of this knife negatively.

  • Quality knife sheath
  • Lightweight blade
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Comes with  a quality   sheath
  • Weight is the only  issue here

4.Poshland Damascus Knife-Best Beginner  Knife Used By Navy Seals

Ending this list without including one of two knives from Damascus would be doing seal tea official or staff who prefer products from Damascus a great disfavor and that is one of the reasons why we made a decision of featuring this  Poshland Damascus Knife on our number four.

Poshland Damascus Knife is described by compact lightweight designs that ensure the seal team re in the position of moving even in the most challenging climates without having to lose the knife.

The Beautiful Pattern on Blade of this knife ensures that you will always enjoy working or even handling this knife for the longest period of time. This Damascus has a   Round Edge and thus working   with this Dagger Knife is very easy

  • Round Edge Dagger Knife
  • Sharp Edge Blade
  • Last forever due to the  compact design
  • Quality round handle  thus  very comfortable  to work with
  • 2 pounds  as the total weight

5.Benchmade Drop-Point-Best Cheap Knife Used By Navy Seals

Ask any Benchmade knife lover and you will realize that this  Benchmade Drop-Point has dominated the Benchmade knife market all the way from the compact blade design to the lightweight nature of this knife. 154CM stainless steel blade happens to be the primary material which was employed by the manufacturers of this Benchmade knife.

Benchmade Drop-Point has also associated with quality and lightweight handle designs the handle is also slightly rough and thus it ensures that you will always enjoy compact grip. Benchmade Drop-Point is also associated with lightweight nature.

The next character of this knife is that it allows you to feel comfortable when moving from one place to another every time you are working. The quality blade of this knife is able to maintain a sharp cutting edge with having then need of sharpening it time after time.

  • 154CM blade stainless steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight design
  • The manual knife which is either closed or opened with either hand.
  • 4 ounces is the  overall weight

6.Gerber Ghostrike-Best Knife Used By Navy Seals Under 200

Gerber Ghostrike happens to be the other quality knife which was found to have the ability to be said to be among the list of the knives that were said to be what knife do navy seals use. The quality of the handle material and also the blade has allowed this knife to be most or even 100% suitable for practices such as self-defense applications.

The modular sheath which is also included in the package when purchasing this knife is low profile and thus it makes it more easy for the seal team to move with the knife from one location to the next. The low  profile  durable sheathe have also prayed  a great  role of   carrying the knife   discreetly  either  on your  ankle  or  belt without huge  struggles

drop point  fine edge blade  of this knife   was molded from 420HC steel  and  thus  using this knife   to perform   various  functions   all the  way from  bush crafting   to self-defense  have been   made   to  be very easy

  • Quality sheath
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Quality cutting edge
  • lightweight design
  • weight is the  only  issue


After going through this post you will realize that there the modeled of knives you find on this list comes from quality a manufactures who have in the market platform for more than a decade. We also made sure that all the knives on this list are molded from quality material and thus working with have becomes a very easy task.

You will be shocked to realize that the above name product are not only normal knives but they area high performing products that you should be familiar with




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