Where Are Kershaw Knives Made- 2021

Where Are Kershaw Knives Made?  This might be averted tough question that runs through the mind or most Kershaw knife enthusiast today. Kershaw  knives  have  for decades  dominated  the knives industry  due to various reason all the  way  from  portabnality

Kershaw knives are commonly known due to their beautiful aesthetics and excellent quality. All over the globe, most knives that represent are known for trying to take the art of construction and the overall design of the   Kershaw knives.  The quality of baled material ND handle material is one of father remain future that has enabled this knave to stand out from their competitors. Kershaw knives can be used to perform a wide range of activities all the way from hunting, hiking, self-defend.

In or post today we have provided all the information your looking for about Where are Kershaw knives made, models of  Kershaw knives that you might be interested in buying their warranty policy and some important information about how Kershaw knives are shipped if you purchase them. We hope that this post about where are Kershaw knives made will allow you to make a wise decision on which model of quality Kershaw knives you will pick today.Where Are Kershaw Knives Made?

Kershaw knives are made in Kai USA and headquarter of this amazing baled company are located in Oregon State in the United States of America. Kershaw knives are well known for the outstanding design that is bale to keep the manufacture on toes as they are not able to keep up with their design.

By Kershaw knives, Kai USA knives Limited it have been referring as one of the leading knives manufactures in Kershaw sporting knife brands, Shun Cutlery pocketknives, Japanese and handcrafted kitchen cutlery and utensils. On the other side other knives such as Zero Tolerance which is not only durable but very professional knives.

Kershaw Knives Are Made In Kai USA :Also Find 5 Best Kershaw

Kershaw knives were initially started in Portland when the founder commonly known as Pete Kershaw who was left by the all-time Gerber knives legendary left the company to form his our knife manufacturing company. So initially Kershaw Knives Company was formed when peter Kershaw was in Oregon Portland back in 1974.

Kershaw knives manufacturing was not done in the   Oregon state but it was done in japan and after the finished product would be shipped to forego for sale, .later on in the later 1977 Kershaw knives, were officially referred to as legal sub diary knife manufacture of the KAI group limits. This lets to the installation of technology based and complete knife product facility to be officially developed in Wilsonville which is located in Oregon State.

Within short spun of time Kershaw knives was advancing very quickie and due to the high demand of knives supply all other the united states the Kershaw knives manufacturing facility was tapered to  Kai USA so as to give more space for mass producing of the Kershaw knives. Despite Kershaw being Ana  American knife barns they still receive some of the product from Chinese’s and Japanese ’s knife manufacturing companies and this has allowed to continually set stand for quality knife production all over the untied state and planet earth.

Best Kershaw Knives Reviews

  1. Kershaw Barricade

Kershaw Barricade had the peerage of dominating o  position one Kershaw Barricade due to its firm designs this knife it is mainly destined to cater for emergency purposes that might arise.  Due to the growing population and an increase in the crime rate today. Looking at the overall size of the knife it can be said that the knife measure 6 x 1 x 1 all measurement are in inches

Speed Safe Assisted Opening option ensures that you can sue this knife to perform various roles quickly with just using one hand only. The blade is associated with a Liner lock secures blade hence using this blades tend to be very secure as  associated with another model of knives  out there  on the market  today

As an added advantage this knife comes with quality Single and well designed position pocket clip ensure that you can move with this knife either during hunting or hiking without losing it.   The quality and designer based knife ensure that when working this knife can remain deep in your pocket thus preventing from being lost. In case you have an accident either during morning jam or just any accident the quality Built-in belt cutter will make it easy for you to free yourself today.

  • Built-in belt cutter
  • carbide glass breaker
  • A liner lock secures blade
  • Blade opening option is a Speed Safe Assisted
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces
  1. Kershaw Blur, Glass breaker

We had to include this Kershaw Blur, Glass breaker in this article about where are Kershaw knives made as it comes with a blade which is relatively serrated and Kershaw Blur, Glass breaker is seen as a quality multipurpose knife that you should always dream of working with. The opening systems of the Kershaw Blur are technology based as it easily opens with Speed Safe Assisted option of blade opening.

The opening system ensures that professional and beginner knife lovers will have the ability to even operate this knife with either of their hands either left or right hands. Kershaw Blur handle comes with professional Trak-Tec inserts as they help to boost the overall grip of this knife. Kershaw Blur  due to the  quality handle design  can  be used in different climate  either hot or  raining environments a s the knife  will never slip away  from your  hand  while  working

This knife also comes with very compact glass breaking technology which is referred to as the Blur Glass breaker hence this Kershaw Blur is seen as a blade that can be used during emergencies. Another positive feature is that durable reversible pocket clip is present the reversible pocket clip allows you to enjoy working with this knife for the longest time even if you are either right or left handed.

  • Speed Safe Assisted option of the blade opening
  • Light weight
  • Razor sharp blade
  • It offers you more quality grip  due  to the presence of Trak-Tec
  • The handle is powered by an inset Liner Lock
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  1. Kershaw Leek Folding Pocket Knife

Last up we have this Kershaw Leek Folding Pocket Knife in this list of the most efficient knives that comes from Kershaw. What made our reviewer to include this knife here is the quality handle. The unique handle after doing some ground work I realized that it was molded from form Woolly Mammoth which gives it the Tooth Handle design option.

Having a blade with not only an outstanding assisted option but a patented and fully verify blade opening option guarantee you 100% easy working option with this knife. The Kershaw Leek Folding Pocket Knife I made from a quality steel material that takes up stainless   nature that will laws prevent it from rusting

Lastly, this Kershaw Leek Folding Pocket Knife has a folding blade hence moving from one place to another using this is very easy. The reversible and stainless knife pocket clip has also made it esquire for you as a profession or a mature knife enthusiast to move the knife from one place to another.

  • Sliding lock  blade
  • Quality handle
  • 100% made in the United States of America
  • Patented Speed-Safe
  • Weighs 8 ounces


After going through various document about where are Kershaw knives made this was the article that we managed to come up with and we can conclude that   Kershaw knives today are made in Tualatin, located in Oregon found in the United States. This makes them be among the quality knives that are American made.


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